Outlander Season 4 Spoilers Show Claire with New Cast

By Bianca Tan | 6 months ago
Outlander Season 4 Spoilers Show Claire with New Cast
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Droughtlander is at an all time high with the Stars series, Outlander, still few months away. Thankfully, the Outlander cast as well as the official Twitter account has been dropping breadcrumbs just enough to keep fans sane. Just this week, two new updates have been revealed. One is a spoiler revealing a new member of the cast. While the second might be the best Outlander news yet — the show will run until season 6. 

Outlander News: Renewed for Season 5 and 6

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan won’t be leaving TV and computer screens just yet. According to The Hollywood, Starz has renewed the TV show for two more seasons. After Outlander season 4, the show will get 24 more episodes — each season getting 12 episodes each. 

Celebrating the news, Caitriona Balfe took to Instagram to share her excitement. The actress who plays the role of Claire congratulated everyone working on the show “year in, year out.” Heughan also thanked Diana Gabaldon, who wrote the novel on which the series was based on. The actor also made sure to thank the fans “for supporting us on this memorable and life changing journey.”


The cable network also confirmed that there will be 13 Outlander season 4 episodes. While no exact date has been confirmed, show runners have revealed that the show will return later this year. Outlander season 4 release date is slated for November.

Outlander Season 4 Spoilers: Claire with Rollo 

Jamie Fraser and Claire will be heading to the Americas in the wake of the American Revolution. As if Outlander season 4 cannot get any more exciting, a new cast member will be joining the series. Rollo, Ian Murray’s furry friend, is making his debut in the series. Jamie’s nephew won the canine from a game of cards. 

Rollo will have an important role in the series. And to celebrate his TV screen debut, Outlander released an image of Clair and Rollo together. The pup will definitely capture the hearts of fans as the series airs later this year. 

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