OUTtv Orders Transgender Series The Switch

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
OUTtv Orders Transgender Series The Switch
Original OUTtv logo. Wikimedia Commons/OUTtv Media B.V.

Canada’s OUTtv is coming up with its first transgender series by ordering the single-camera comedy, “The Switch,” to series. The show is led by YouTube star and transgender Julie Vu, an IT manager who loses her job and home when she disclosed her real sexuality to the world. Find out more about “The Switch” by reading below.

Created by writer, actor and producer Amy Fox, “The Switch” is a smart and quirky comedy in the vein of “Community” that has a sensitive theme. The show first aired its pilot episode on OUTtv last spring, and after receiving a warm reception from its audience, Canada’s gay and lesbian channel has decided to give “The Switch” a full first season.

“Shows like ‘Orphan Black’ have interesting trans content, and Laverne Cox on ‘Orange is The New Black’ might be a nifty supporting character on the show. ‘The Switch’ should broaden this by putting trans representation at the front and center of a show,” says Fox in an exclusive interview with Bustle.

Fox is also a transgender and hopes that the series will push their community’s representation in society. She promises that “The Switch” will be an uplifting series, adding that transgenders should not be pitied or looked down on. She also hopes that through her show, other transgenders will be able to feel good about who they are.

Many of the stories on the series will deal about everyday things that transpeople encounter, and it may be as mundane as looking for a house or going on a first date. It will be very real and candid.

OUTtv, meanwhile, has Fox’s full support, knowing how active and alive the transgender community is in Canada. Television shows in this part of the world have long been exploring gay and lesbian stories, particularly in popular and influential shows, such as “Degrassi” in 2010.

For its U.S. airing, Fox is reportedly in talks with Logo Channel for a possible deal according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“The Switch” is shot entirely in Vancouver.

And that’s the news on “The Switch,” Canada’s first transgender show that is coming to OUTtv. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates about this series.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/OUTtv Media B.V.

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