Man Drops Pants On X Factor

By admin | 7 years ago

The X Factor contestant Geo Godley dropped his pants during his audition Wednesday, exposing is genitals to the crowd and viewers. The television viewers only saw an “X” that was placed over Godley’s man bits, but those in the audience saw it all.

Although many thought Paula Abdul may have overacted by walking off stage and acting like she was going to vomit at the site of Godley’s wiener schnitzel, she was right in being mortified and outraged. There were young children in the audience when he exposed himself.

Paula said, “I just witnessed a nightmare on stage,” referring to Geo’s stunt, but in reality she actually witnessed a crime. If he would have dropped his pants and showed privates to children on a playground as he did on stage, he would have been arrested.

Bravo for Paula reacting negatively, even if some poke fun at the manner of her disapproval.

OvereXposed Contestant and Paula’s Overreaction
OvereXposed Contestant and Paula’s Overreaction

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