Overrated Movies of 2014

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Overrated Movies of 2014
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Most of us have experienced watching a film because of the hype then end up regretting it. In 2014, we had our fair share of movies which created a lot of buzz — big budget, A-list cast, controversial plot, etc. — but after having seen it, we were left disappointed.  The audience is easily attracted by these publicity strategies. Check out our list of overrated movies of 2014 below.

“Edge of Tomorrow”

Tom Cruise has a huge fan following. He is mostly seen in action and sci-fi films, and it suits him.  Cruise starred in “Edge of Tomorrow” along with Emily Blunt. This movie did have good action scenes, but somehow it was not able to please the fans. It could possibly be because the end of the movie became quite confusing and difficult to understand.

“Gone Girl”

It is definitely a good movie. Gillian Flynn has been able to condense her novel into a script. Even the actress Rosamund Pike has done a tremendous job in her role as a sociopath and killer, Amy Dunne. The story starts with why Amy goes missing on her wedding anniversary and how everybody begins to doubt her husband, that he might have murdered her, as he was having an extra-marital affairs with his student. But towards the end of the movie, there have been some loose ends, like why all of a sudden Amy decides not to commit suicide and get back to her cheating husband? Why did she kill her ex-lover, Patsy, who tried to help her? And why her husband, played by Ben Affleck, continues to stay with his crazy wife?

“Dawn of the Planet of Apes”

Unlike the previous part of this series, this one couldn’t get the attention of its fans. The movie was supposed to be a war between the apes and the human survivors of the pandemic that destroyed the world. But in the movie, the focus was on building the characters of the humans, which was kind of boring. Meanwhile, Andy Serkis has portrayed Caesar well. It could have been a good movie if the director didn’t waste his time trying to make the audience relate to the human characters.


This movie is directed by one of the Hollywood’s greatest director Christopher Nolan, and the cast include Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Mackenzie Foy. It is a science fiction film which revolves around futuristic concepts of black holes, relativity and changes in ecological imbalances. In the movie, McConaughey did well, but the movie was painfully long. The first half was in fact quite boring, while the second half has some interesting scenes that keep the viewers hooked till the end. Last but not the least, the ending of the movie was very abrupt and confusing at the same time.

“Transformers: Age of the Extinction”

”Transformer” fans expected a new story. Mark Wahlberg is undoubtedly a great actor, but we think that he is old to be in “Transformers.”  Or perhaps we have got used to watching Shia LaBeouf in the “Transformer” series? The first half of the movie tried to build up the new characters. Meanwhile, the second half was interesting as the new villain Galvatron was created with the data of Megatron and also the Dinobots, which Optimus raised to fight against the decepticons. The movie earned $1 billion, becoming the highest grosser this year.


The new “Godzilla” has a new and different concept, coupled with special visuals effects, and it was just amazing. It was a box office success and was able to earn $200 million worldwide in its opening week. It has also received many accolades. The director tried to bring a twist in the movie by adding two more giants, who feed on nuclear bombs, and the look of the Godzilla was also changed. In the movie, Godzilla turned out to be the actual hero in the end.

“Guardians of the Galaxy”

This movie was a box office hit. It managed to earn $770 million worldwide. Star Lord, played by Chris Pratt, was the only human character in the movie. No doubt it has some amazing visuals and a great sense of humor, but what it lacked was the focus. The movie was full of different elements and characters, which will not bore the audience because there is something simultaneously going on. Well, let’s see what the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has in store for us.

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