Overwatch Junkenstein’s Revenge: Tips and Tricks to Beat the Game

By Angeline Sajini Ramanan | 1 year ago
Overwatch Junkenstein’s Revenge: Tips and Tricks to Beat the Game
junkenstein revenge

Junkenstein’s Revenge released by Overwatch is quickly becoming the most played PvE game this Halloween. Listed below are some cool tricks and tips of the game to help players beat Junkenstein’s Revenge.

How to handle Ana:

Ana is the most important character in the game as she is the only healer. She easily dispatches enemies at long range, which can prove handy if one targets standard zomnics as they come in. Also since Ana has a slow fire rate, keep changing targets between bullets to make steady but maximum damage.

How to use Soldier 76:

iTechPost says that Soldier 76 has a great firing rate and helps one destroy weaker zomnics easily. One neat trick is kiting Reaper with Soldier 76. As the bosses can move only in designated paths, kiting helps in rendering the Reaper completely useless.

Roadhog Trick

According to Reddit user SuprDog, as it’s difficult get a one shot to get target hooked, throw the hook and turn 90 degrees from the target then do a small side step. After the target is hooked face the target again.

Other Tips are

  • Use Hanzo, the heavy hitter and  focus on the Elites and leave the weaker enemies to allies.
  • Utilize McCree’s pinpoint accuracy against fast moving tyres
  • Wait till Reaper is done with his wrath before using ones ultimate
  • Use Hanzo to finish Dr. Junkenstein first, as he causes a lot of damage
  • When using McCree, choose a closer target as he shoots in the face
  • Finish off Mercy as soon as possible as she will resurrect all characters at once
  • Dodge and avoid Bomber bombs. This will help Ana is healing faster
  • Watch out for Junkrat, his grenades cause a lot of damage. Use Hanzo or McCree ultimate to bring him down.

With Junkenstein’s Revenge becoming very popular this holiday season, there is a lot more tricks and tips getting added everyday.

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