Owen Wilson Believes ‘Zoolander 2’ Movie Will Be Good And Funny

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Owen Wilson Believes ‘Zoolander 2’ Movie Will Be Good And Funny

Who can forget the strangely interesting pout on Ben Stiller’s face in the movie “Zoolander?” Now the team is back with “Zoolander 2.” Owen Wilson says that the film is going to be fantastic and we believe him.

Owen Wilson says that “Zoolander 2” is going to pull in crowds when it releases. The actor plays model Hansel in the film and is looking forward to making the audiences laugh again. Hansel is the protagonist Derek Zoolander’s arch rival in the film. When Hansel and Derek get together sparks fly. But their getting together also makes the audiences insanely happy.

If “Zoolander 1” was hilarious, wait till you watch “Zoolander 2.” Owen Wilson basically predicted that the new movie will blow the fans away. It is going to be really fun to watch if the trailer is anything to go by. I mean the line, why did God make ugly people, just cracks people up. And did you notice that little mermaid floating around in somebody’s head? It’s little details like these that are going to make the movie a winning proposition at the box office.

Owen Wilson admits to being a little scared about making the sequel after a long hiatus of fourteen years. Much has happened on the movie front. Action adventures draw in more crowds than comedies these days. And the recent years have seen a surge in the Superhero genre, which is unprecedented in its own way. So Owen Wilson was scared that audiences may not want a “zoolander 2. But he still thinks that the movie is going to be good and funny. And if the views on the youtube for the trailer are anything to go by, the movie is going to be a huge hit. So he need not worry at all.

Ben Stiller will be playing Derek Zoolander. The movie has been shot in Rome and is currently being edited.

Business Standard and Sky News reported the news first.

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