Owens Cut by team in Indoor League

By admin | 6 years ago

On Tuesday, the saga of Terrell Owens took yet another turn. Owens is the second all time leader in receiving yards in NFL history. However, he has succeeded in burning one too many bridges in the league and cannot find a single team that is willing to give him a roster spot. Now, things are so bad, he cannot even keep a job with the IFL – Indoor Football League.

On Tuesday, in a statement, his team the Allen Wranglers said Owens was cut from the roster and would lose the ownership share in the franchise. The owner of the team, Jon Frankel, said Owens had refused to participate in two upcoming games that had playoff implications. Frankel also said Owens did not show up for an appearance that had been scheduled at a local hospital for children.

In the statement, Frankel said, “It is an impossibility to keep a player when even the team’s fans see and comment on that player’s lack of effort on the field and off it.” Owens has a contract that says he does not have to participate in all of his team’s games on the road. However, Frankel said he expected Owens to do what was best for the team in that situation as well as the great fans of the team.

Owens responded by releasing a statement that said he appreciated Frankel giving him the opportunity, but called the manner by which he was cut loose unfortunate. He said he would continue to focus on finding a way to return to professional football in the NFL.

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