Oz Comic Con: Comic Book Fans From Brisbane and Sydney Spark Twitter Trend

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Oz Comic Con: Comic Book Fans From Brisbane and Sydney Spark Twitter Trend
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook | Oz Comic Con

After the massive success of Melbourne Comic Con, Comic Book Fans are looking forward to Oz Comic Cons in Brisbane and Sydney. The excited fans have started a Twitter trend of creating comic book ailments that could make a true fan sick. The hashtag #ComicConAilments is trending even as we write this post. The hashtag was originally started by the twitter feed of Comedy Central’s popular show, @midnight which is shown on SBS2 in Australia.

It seems like everybody in Australia has been bitten by the Comic Con bug. The fans are posting thousands of tweets built around the hashtag #ComicConAilments. Some of the more creative ailments that comic book fans can suffer from when they go to a comic con, according to the twitter users, are, “wait gain,” “batmanic depression,” “groot canal,” and “Obese Wan Kenobi.” Comic book fans are flooding the twitter universe with suggestions of this sort.

Guest Stars at the Sydney and Brisbane Comic Cons will include Stargate stars, Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping. The Brisbane convention will be held on September 19 through 20 and the Sydney Convention will be held on September 26 and 27.

Comic Cons are a wonderful place to meet cosplayers and comic book fans of all inclinations. The genres sampled at these places belong to a wide spectrum, ranging from gaming and science fiction to fantasy and cosplay. Fans flock to Comic Cons to find respite from the otherwise boring and humdrum reality and indulge in some fanciful fun.

The last Oz Comic Con, which happened in Melbourne on the June 26 and 27 was a massive success. This year’s Melbourne Comic Con featured appearances from Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell, Game of Thrones stars Jason Momoa and Keisha Castle-Hughes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Amber Benson and Emma Caulfield and Arrow’s Paul Blackthorne and Rila Fukushima, the Guardian reported. Thousands of Cosplayers trouped to the convention to have fun and the Comic Con was a huge success.

Photo Source: Facebook\ Oz Comic Con

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