P. Diddy’s Son Talks About His Dad’s Arrest

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
P. Diddy’s Son Talks About His Dad’s Arrest
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook\ P. Diddy | P Diddy

Music Moghul Sean Combs Aka P. Diddy was recently arrested for assaulting a UCLA coach when he was irked by the coach’s comment about his son. His son, Quincy, who was spotted at the BET Awards Ceremony, spoke on the matter.

Sean “Diddy” Combs was arrested on Monday, the twenty third of June, when he charged into a UCLA coach’s office, after the coach yelled at his son who plays a defensive back for the UCLA’s football team. The rapper has since been released on bail. No one was seriously harmed in the incident and the police are still investigating the matter.

It is rumored that P. Diddy was involved in an assault involving a weight room kettlebell. His son, Quincy, dismissed the possiblity of his dad assaulting a UCLA coach recently. He said that hiccups happen in life and people have to learn to push them aside. He was talking with the Associated Press at the BET Awards Ceremony. He also talked about his dad’s big performance at the BET Awards Ceremony.

Diddy sang with his original troup, the original Bad Boy musicians of the yesteryears at the BET Awards. It was a reunion of sorts that included celebrated rock musicians like Faith Evans, the Lox and Ma$e in the showstopping performance. The BET Awards audience also heard him playing a new song with Pharrell Williams, “Finna Get Loose.” Diddy called it his “big moment.” He saw it as a “family reunion for the Bad Boy.”

He claimed that the Bad Boy group “ain’t went nowhere.” It was here to stay. The Bad Boy performance was a huge hit with the audiences. They looked like they couldn’t have enough of the rappers. But the show did not go smoothly all through. P. Diddy fell through an open trap door on the BET Awards’s stage while performing the set. Associated Press and Fox News, who were reporting the event, didn’t report any injury. One hopes that the fall ended P. Diddy’s run with bad luck.

Photo Source: Facebook/P.Diddy

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