Palo Alto Starring James Franco Opens on May 9, 2014 [WATCH VIDEO]

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Palo Alto Starring James Franco Opens on May 9, 2014 [WATCH VIDEO]
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Tribeca Film presents “Palo Alto”,which is Gia Coppola’s directorial debut, that is set to be released on May 9, 2014. James Franco (“Spiderman” trilogy, “127 Hours,” “This is the End”) stars in the upcoming film. Here’s a short synopsis of “Palo Alto” from Movie News Guide (MNG).

Alongside Franco, he will be joined by an ensemble cast, which includes Emma Roberts, Val Kilmer and his son Jack, Christian Madsen, Nat Wolff, Keegan Allen, Chris Messina, Colleen Camp, Olivia Crocicchia, Zoe Levin, Don Novello and Bo Mitchell.

“Palo Alto” Synopsis:

“Palo Alto” is based on the collection of short stories of the same name written by Franco in 2010. The book follows a group of rebellious teenagers and their experiences with sex, drugs and violence.

According to Complex, the film features another story from the novel. This time, the film will centre on the point of view of a teenage girl who came to Palo Alto with her family.

April (Emma Roberts) became a babysitter of Michael (Micah Nelson), the son of her football coach. Then, she will start an illicit affair with the much older single-parent. According to Complex, she will be caught in between her feelings for her classmate, Teddy (Jack Kilmer) and the coach of the girls’ football team (James Franco).

Meanwhile, Fred (Nat Wolff) is an obnoxious friend of Teddy and has a “sex-only” relationship with a “love seeking” Emily (Zoe Levin).

The official theatrical trailer posted on Yahoo Movies features a scene where Franco’s character tries to seduce Roberts’ teenage character.

“I’m older and I know that there aren’t a lot of good things around, and I know that you are really good,” Franco told Roberts in the “Palo Alto” trailer on Yahoo Movies.

Lately, the “Palo Alto” trailer has been put in controversy after news about Franco’s real (or reel?) experience in hitting on an 18-year old girl resurfaced on April 3, 2014.

Though it was not clarified that it was fake or a publicity stunt for the film, EW reported that Franco admitted to “Live! with Kelly and Michael” that he is feeling embarrassed about the incident.

Despite the incident, Rotten Tomatoes has recorded 99% or 546 users are excited to see the “Palo Alto.” It also reported that the film was given a highly-favorable “freshness” rating of 89% based on nine reviews.

According to Cinemablend, the film adaptation will be also headlined by Hollywood royalties. Emma Roberts (“Wild Child,” “Scream 4,” “We’re The Millers”) is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and niece of another Hollywood A-Lister Julia Roberts. She will play the role of April, the teenage girl who Franco will start an affair with.

Actor Jack Kilmer will make his film debut on the said movie. The 18-year old newcomer is the youngest son of Val Kilmer (“Top Gun,” “Batman Forever”) and actress Joanne Whalley (“Willow”, CW’s “Gossip Girl”).

On her debut as a director, screenwriter and director Gia Coppola follows the path of her family in Hollywood. She has been dubbed as the third generation filmmaker after the successful careers of his grandfather, Francis Ford Coppola (“The Godfather,” “Apocalypse Now”) and aunt, Sofia Coppola (“Virgin Suicides,” “The Bling Ring,” “Lost In Translation”).

According to Huffington Post, “Palo Alto” has debuted in various film festivals including Telluride Film Festival and Venice Film Festival in August 2013. It is also scheduled to be part of the Tribeca Film Festival on April 24, 2014, while it will be released at the San Francisco International Film Festival on May 3, 2014.

“Palo Alto” opens in U.S. theatres on May 9, 2014. For more news about upcoming movies, stay tuned here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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