Pamela Anderson Auctions Engagement Ring For A Good Cause

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Pamela Anderson Auctions Engagement Ring For A Good Cause
Pamela Anderson

An expensive gift from your ex could not mean much but will you take a courageous step like Pamela Anderson? According to the updates available on her social media timeline. The 48-year-old actress is auctioning the diamond ring from her ex husband, Rick Salomon. The amount that will come from this auction will be used for good.

The Facebook post reads, “I hope this very special Tiffany engagement ring can bring joy to someone – while, I put the donation to great use – 100 % of funds raised go to The Pamela Anderson Foundation – this will mark the launching of my foundation’s new Ebay (all for charity) store, where there will be signed books, magazines and more memorabilia”

A report from E! Online gives more information on the ring, it says that the ring has a diamond stone in the center that is surrounded by a layer of other diamonds. The diamond stone in the centre is 3.24 carats.

Now when you are impressed enough and have reached a half way to buy it then let us tell all the buyers the price. When the ring is a massive as this, plus the cause related to it is also big, then why not? The ring will cost you $100,000 (only).

The former couple, Pamela and Rick were separated after a divorce in April but soon the two caught each one’s eye again and were seen together in Italy few weeks later.

At the time of divorce together they said,  “Public divorces can be harsh and cruel, we apologize to our families and friends for any hurt and embarrassment we have caused. We came to this decision together and will learn to live without each other soon. We request media and our fans to avoid making any haste and distaste comment. We wish each other and our families well.”

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Photosource: Facebook/Pamela Anderson

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