‘Pan’: Hugh Jackman plays Pirate Black Beard

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Hugh Jackman is reported to be in negotiations to play the role of Pirate Black Beard for the movie, ‘Pan’, and origin story about Peter Pan.

Jackman is currently haggling out a deal with the Warner Bros Studio for the role of Pirate Black Beard in the original concept film which follows Peter Pan, from when he was an orphan to the point where he discovers Neverland and quickly ascends to the status of a hero to the locals there and a permanent resident. Blackbeard is set to be the main antagonist of the film and Hook would initially be an ally of Peter’s before turning on his friend.

Reports have also stated that Javier Bardem was originally offered the role of Black Beard who turned it down which in turn led the role to Jackman who is currently also handling another Warner Bros project.

“Pan” is still searching to its Hook for the movie and rumor was about that Ryan Gosling was offered the however he turned it down, as well as the titular character, who will most likely be an unknown discovered at open casting. A 20-something actress is also sought to play Peter’s love interest, Tiger Lily.

Joe Wright is directing “Pan,” based on a script by Jason Fuchs. It’s scheduled for a June 26, 2015 release date.

Source: Moviefone

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