Paramount Names Its New Head for Comedy and Drama Department

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago

Hollywood, California – Paramount has assigned the men and women who will handle the comedy and drama department already.

This is the first time that Paramount opens its department for comedy and drama to the public. All the names under Amy Powell were announced to make things even more exciting for both the crew and the Paramount fans. Under her guidance, there were several teams and high-end projects created. The world will be surprised on how big they can go this year.

The studio has been existing for a hundred years now. During these years, they have not stopped improving their game. This time, they will provide even better shows to entertain the public.

More Than Just the Desire to Produce Good Movies

Paramount is always looking for something that will surpass the visual entertainment of the public. It aims to change lives with the stories that it tells. This happens even with the books and other materials that they offer to the public.

Amy Powell, along with her newly-established group, will aim at this. Her team has made it clear that they will not be focusing on lame shots to profit. They will be working on the quality of the work rather than its quantity.

The Line Up for the New Paramount Officials

One of their first projects includes the comeback of the Terminator series. This could be more than how you used to see it. They will also foster new seasons for the biography section of the department, such as the Scott Berg’s Charles Lindbergh story, and so much more.

They will be risky but very stable when it comes to offering new titles. However, Annette Savitch, head for drama will do everything to make it admirable. Jason Fisher, head for comedy, will do everything to make it enjoyable. This is how the public always wants it. There is no more room for repetitive plots and stories.

Powell and the rest of the team will put drama and comedy active again. She has been with the company for 10 years now and this is going to be a big break. She will be looking at different angles to make it work.

Paramount is known to publish the best and the finest stories. They have been known to excel in the TV industry. This is going to be a tough challenge for the new team. Are they going to revolutionize the way Paramount runs its drama and comedy?

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