Paramount Pictures Announces 2017 and 2018 Sequels Release Dates for ‘Terminator: Genysis’

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Paramount Pictures Announces 2017 and 2018 Sequels Release Dates for ‘Terminator: Genysis’

There are heroes and then there are AI robots that go back in time to either salvage or destroy someone who is capable of shifting the future of mankind. Brace yourself for another installment of “Terminator” franchise with “Terminator: Genysis” as Paramount Pictures follows up on the release of its sequels for 2017 and 2018.

Paramount Pictures still haven’t placed the concluding period for the “Transformers” franchise, being that they are currently cooking up an all-new movie that jump-starts the entire thing. In Screen Crush’s feature, “Terminator: Genysis” has just finished wrapping up in their production phase earlier than they intended, which gives them the avenue to take their time in the post-production process. With this early wrap up, Paramount Pictures made the fervent announcement that the “Terminator 6” will be slated for release on May 19, 2017 and “Terminator 7” to bow out on June 19, 2018.

With Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role as the infamous robot, he will be joined in by “Game of Throne’s” mother of dragons Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” actor Jason Clarke as John Connor and “Die Hard 5’s” badass son Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese. They will also be joined by popular TV actor Matt Smith, the former “Doctor Who.” However, there are no further details released with regards to his role. Thus, as far as the media is concerned, he is still a mysterious character in the franchise reboot.

With everything setting in motion, Paramount Pictures still hasn’t revealed the full storyline for the film. On Screen Rant’s take on the movie’s plot, “Terminator: Genysis” will ignite the involvement of a T-800 (Schwarzenegger) and the recurring of original characters Sarah Connor (E. Clarke), John Connor (J. Clarke) and Kyle Reese (Courtney), together with two all-new characters who will be played by J. K. Simmons and Matt Smith. Speculations also suggest that the recently added characters will be of great importance for the upcoming “Terminator” films.

“Terminator: Genysis” is based on the screenplay by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier, with Alan Taylor serving as the official director for the entire production. It is set to open in theaters on July 1, 2015.

That concludes our scoop on Paramount Picture’s early announcement for the release of the “Terminator” reboot sequels. Keep tabs on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates in the entertainment world.

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