Parenthood Season 6 Premiere Recap: Vegas

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Parenthood Season 6 Premiere Recap: Vegas
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Despite the show’s last season, “Parenthood” Season 6 premiere Episode 1 “Vegas” did not disappoint. Amber is pregnant, but no one knows about this yet. Her life is about to change, and as of now, going through the pregnancy on her own is just overwhelming for her. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Meanwhile, Sarah has a birthday surprise for Zeek — Vegas! Zeek was more than thrilled to be in Vegas and gambling because  it’s his birthday… until he collapsed. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, but the good thing was that nothing’s wrong. Although he could have undergone a few more tests he insisted that he was fine, and all he wanted was to go back and continue his birthday celebration. Sarah couldn’t do anything about this, but he did call Camille to let her know what happened. Camille then called Adam to handle the whole situation in Vegas.

Crosby and Adam were worried about what happened to their father, so they decided to just go to Vegas and check up on him. When they got to their hotel room, they were surprised to find out that their father wasn’t in his room, so they looked for him and found him gambling in the casino again. They urged him to leave the table, but Zeek wouldn’t budge. Zeek pursued his sons to join him, and they reluctantly did because Zeek played the birthday card on them.

At Chambers Academy, Amber, Drew and Haddie were helping prepare the building. While they were at it, Haddie was talking about her problems regarding her trip to Prague. Amber, having a real problem that she needs to handle, couldn’t stand Haddie’s ranting and wasn’t able to stop herself from making a snide remark about Haddie’s “problem” and walked away. Haddie wondered what’s wrong with her.

Haddie went to look for Amber. When she found her, she told her how upset she was over her attitude. Amber let her talk before she dropped the bomb that she’s pregnant.

Joel handed over Sydney to Julia, and Kristina and Adam were thrilled to see Joel. As for Max, he was still insisting to be homeschooled, and Kristina was doing everything to talk him out of it.

Joel and Julia were together, and Julia was talking about how worried she was about Zeek until she got a picture that showed Zeek, Sarah, Adam and Crosby having a grand time in the casino. She cried, and Joel hugged her. They kissed until Julia pulled away. Julia was actually seeing a new guy, and this guy wanted to be with her. Julia said yes to her after a moment of uncertainty.

When Zeek arrived home, Camille told him that he has a doctor appointment to go to. It looked like Zeek doesn’t really want to go, but with Camille’s determination that he have himself checked up, he was left with no choice. When they got to the hospital, the doctor told Zeek that he needed to undergo an invasive surgery to check things out.

The first day of school rolled in, and Max wasn’t really happy to go. In fact, he really didn’t want to go until Adam talked to him and told him to do this for his mom because his mom has done so much. Max then agreed.

Back at Amber’s, Sarah was talking about what happened in Vegas. While doing so, Amber was fidgety because she was planning to tell her mom about her pregnancy. She waited until her mom stopped talking. Sarah even assumed that Amber was like that because she was worried about Zeek, until Amber blurted out that she’s pregnant, and all Sarah could say was “Oh.”

That’s it for the Season 6 premiere of “Parenthood.”  How will Sarah handle Amber’s pregnancy? What do you think is wrong with Zeek? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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