Parenthood Season 6 Recap: Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Parenthood Season 6 Recap: Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped
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The latest episode of “Parenthood” Season 6 was devoted to the lives of Crosby and Jasmine, Hank and Ruby and Amber and Drew. Read below for the full recap of Episode 8 “Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped.”

Max likes Dylan very much, and he has finally mustered the strength to ask her out. He even asked Kristina for some advice. He was so determined to finally take the girl that he likes so much out. It all went crashing down when he saw her making out with Aaron, another boy at school.

Max was so upset that he asked Kristina to expel him due to behavioral problems. Max just wanted to get him out of the school. When it didn’t work out, Max had a plan B up his sleeve. He started distributing flyers that details Aaron’s behavioral problems. It still didn’t work and Aaron knows that Max was behind all of these.  Aaron confronted him, and the two got into a fight.

There’s no getting through Max, so Dylan made a move to talk to Kristina. She told her that she will never like Max the way he likes her, and Kristina understands this. Max came down, and Dylan told him that she was there to hang out as friends, and Max said that they aren’t friends.

Max still won’t give up, and he made a poster for Dylan that he showed her in the lunch room. Dylan was so embarrassed. He told her that he doesn’t know why she doesn’t feel the same way and stormed out. Kristina told her son that he will find a woman who will share the same feelings as him.

On the other hand, Jasmine has taken up a job at her mother’s office. Crosby felt bad about this because the original plan was Jasmine will be a stay-at-home mom because they have the luncheonette and all. Jasmine’s mother came over to their house for dinner and suggested to Crosby that he takes up a part-time job in the real estate industry. Crosby was upset that Jasmine has told her mom about their problem, so he went out of the house to go to a gig.

Amber tried to get Drew to go with her at the gig that night, but he was so busy with his Economics re-test. She got a bit pushy that Drew lashed out on her and told her how important what he’s doing because he’s the one who’s going to make money in their family soon.

Crosby and Amber went to the club, and suddenly, Amber had some painful contractions. It turned out that it was only a false alarm. When she got home, she told Drew that her finances is not his responsibility, and he should do what he really wants to do. We wonder if he will change his major after hearing that from Amber.

Sandy and Hank can’t watch Ruby one night. She told them that she can be left all by herself at Sandy’s. Sandy doesn’t trust her because she feels that she’s going to throw a party while Hank gave her the benefit of the doubt. It turned out that mother’s instinct was just so amazing because Ruby did throw a party, and Hank broke the party up. He even got into an argument with his daughter who’s a teenager and told him that she hates him.

Sandy, on the other hand, was so happy to find Hank in such a tough parenting situation. Both of them decided to grind Ruby for three weeks. When Ruby came to Hank’s, Hank told her that she can’t go on the computer, talk to her friends and all the teenagers; but something cool happened. Hank decided to spend that time with his daughter by teaching her how to play poker.

Crosby talked to Jasmine and told her how he feels like he’s such a failure and he might need to put her own dance studio dreams on hold now. Jasmine only had some uplifting words to tell her husband, which was really nice.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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