Parenthood Season 6 Recap: Let’s Go Home

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Parenthood Season 6 Recap: Let’s Go Home
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Just a few more episodes and we’ll be bidding farewell to “Parenthood.” But before we think about the end of the series, there’s still a lot of happenings that you surely don’t want to miss. Read below for the full recap of “Parenthood” Season 6 Episode 11 “Let’s Go Home.”

Let’s start off with The Luncheonette’s fate. Last episode, the restaurant had gone through an unfortunate incident. Now Adam and Crosby have different decisions on how they play to spend the insurance money that they’ve acquired. Crosby was up to use the money to improve The Luncheonette while Adam thought otherwise. Adam would like to take the most practical approach and wouldn’t want to risk it again and lose it all over again.

At first, there was no convincing Adam to change his mind even. It was after Crosby hung up his and Adam’s picture at the Luncheonette. Crosby was clearly devastated that he’s been venting out his frustrations to Jasmine. Jasmine took matters into her own hands by going to Adam to talk to him to reconsider. After a while, Adam realized that it’s his turn to save his brother this time around. It was because Crosby saved him with the Luncheonette opportunity when he lost his job.

Joel and Julia were doing great. They had sex although they tried to hide it when Sydney knocks on Julia’s door. After a while, when Julia took the kids ice skating, Joel showed up. The two were seen kissing, and the kids were so thrilled about this.

Sarah and Hank talked about the whole proposal thing. She still didn’t make a decision but talked to a few people regarding Hank and his proposal. Amber’s father sent her a crib, but she asked Sarah to help her set it up. Hank went over as well to help Amber. Amber fell asleep while Hank was left setting up the crib. Then Sarah walked in on him and finally gave him the “yes.”

Zeek and Millie found rolls of undeveloped films while looking for the baseball and they brought it over to Max. Max developed the films, and they were family photos that we haven’t seen before. Zeek and Drew then went to Zeek’s storage shed to look for the old baseball, but they didn’t find it. Then finally Zeek remembered that he hid it at the old house. When they got there, they saw the new family that’s living there with kids. They decided to leave the treasure there for the kids to find it.

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