Parenthood Season 6 Recap: A Potpourri of Freaks

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Parenthood Season 6 Recap: A Potpourri of Freaks
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Zeek is recovering from his surgery, while the new girl in school seemed to have a strong influence on Max. Julia and Joel were having a hard time breaking things up to their kids. We also saw another Crosby meltdown in Episode 4 “A Potpourri of Freaks” of “Parenthood” Season 6. Read on for the full recap of this episode.

After a successful surgery, Zeek was finally out of the hospital, and he’s been sitting on the couch all-day long. This concerned Millie, who convinced Zeek to at least take a walk for exercise, but he doesn’t want to. The family members had already visited him, but he’s still there, just sitting on the couch.

It turned out that the reason that Zeek doesn’t want to stand up or walk around because he can’t accept the fact that he’s the kind of person now that needs help to do simple things. Millie talked to Adam about this, and she voiced out her fear that her husband doesn’t want to try and might be on the brink of giving up. Kristina heard everything, so she made sure to visit Zeek.

Kristina and Zeek bonded over their one thing in common — they despise being pitied because they’re sick — that’s what Zeek feels as of now. Then Kristina told Zeek that he doesn’t need to pretend that he’s strong. Instead, he has to try to be better for the people he loves. This convinced Zeek to take a walk outside, and Millie saw the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Julia and Joel were trying to work out their relationship as friends after their separation. They brought Sydney to her classmate’s house to apologize to her and to the parents. Sydney did apologize, in the most insincere way possible. Julia and Joel explained to the parents what their children are going through. Julia talked to Joel about their kids and how they should tell them that they are not getting back together anymore. That night, Joel came to Julia’s, and this pleased the two kids. Victor asked him if he’s staying, but Joel said no. He asked when he would be staying. Caught off guard, their plans to tell the kids that they are no longer getting back together was, again, postponed. Julia just told the kids that they are still trying to figure things out between them.

Hank’s ex-wife wanted Sarah out of the way when Ruby’s around. Then again, Hank managed to convince Sandy that she loves, and it’s not just some silly relationship like a fling — this one’s really serious. Sandy then agreed that Sarah can be around when Ruby visits Hank.

There’s a new girl at Chambers, Dylan, and she hangs around Max. Kristina was pleased to see this, but she was surprised when Max told her that Dylan calls him names. She heard Dylan call Max “Aspergers,” and she called the immediately her attention, reprimanding her for name-calling. Kristina said that it is now allowed in school, but she was surprised that Dylan actually meant what she said to Max, and she thought that it’s a fact. She challenged Kristina, but Kristina was firm regarding the name-calling policy. Then we saw Max asking his dad what to do when one likes a girl, and it seemed like Max has the hots for Dylan.

As for Crosby, he freaked out in this episode when Mr. Rome told him that he’s signed with the other label, while Jasmine told him to take the minivan instead of the motorcycle after the injuries that he sustained in the last episode.

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