Parenthood Season 6 Recap: Too Big to Fail

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Parenthood Season 6 Recap: Too Big to Fail
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In the latest episode of “Parenthood” Season 6, Episode 6 “Too Big to Fail,” some of the Bravermans were having financial issues. Read on for the full recap.

Amber was surprised to find out that raising a child today can be very costly, and she wondered if she could get a raise from Adam and Crosby. She asked them about it, but she didn’t get an answer yet. It turned out that Adam and Crosy were facing a financial crisis as they were losing their business.

Crosby realized how his business was slowly crumbling into pieces. If he lose the business, he will lose his house as well. But he and Amber were still hopeful of the situation. Adam is good at business, and he might just have something planned up to make their business work.

Adam’s trying to figure out how to make The Lunchonette boom again, while Kristina was busy worrying about Max and Dylan. Dylan has been spending so much time at their house. She even stays for dinner most of the time, and there are times she stays for the night. This bothered her, and she asked Dylan why she’s often at their place. Dylan said that her parents are out of town for their business, and she doesn’t want to be alone. Kristina then allowed to let Dylan stay longer at her place.

Kristina told Adam that some payments have bounced, but Adam took it lightly. Adam seemed confident about their business unlike Crosby. However, when he got to talk to Amber, he said that a raise isn’t just possible now because he doesn’t know what to do with the business as well.

Drew was also getting pressured with what’s happening with his family, especially his sister. So he decided to finally declare a major, and he chose Economics, saying that no one’s going to float him when things go bad so he better know how to do it. He’s also looking out for Amber and the child that she’s carrying.

Crosby, on the other hand, seemed to be taking the financial crisis more seriously. He told Jasmine about the situation, and Jasmine was upset because she wished that Crosby told her sooner. Then a heartbreaking scene rolled when Crosby talked to Jabar and told him that they had to cancel the Harry Potter World in Florida trip for his birthday due to their current financial situation. The disappointment on Jabar’s face broke Crosby’s heart (and ours) even more.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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