Parenthood Season 6 Recap: The Waiting Room

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Parenthood Season 6 Recap: The Waiting Room
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The latest episode of “Parenthood” Season 6, Episode 3 “The Waiting Room,” aired on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014, on NBC.  Read on for the full recap.

Right before Zeek’s heart surgery, he found out that Amber is pregnant, and they shared a moment on the porch where Amber showed him the sonogram of her baby.  In that moment, Zeke told her that he’s going to be around to see her baby. The next day, Camille and Zeek went to the hospital. He was being prepped for surgery, but  he didn’t want to take his wedding ring off until he was getting wheeled in. He then removed it and gave it to Camille. He broke down there and told her how scared he was, while Camille kept herself composed and supported Zeek. When Zeek was finally led into surgery, that’s when Camille broke down.

While Zeek was undergoing surgery, the Braverman’s have issues that they have to deal with. They faced it while Zeek was in surgery. First off, Julia received a package from Chris, the guy she’s been seeing, and she admitted to Sarah that she really likes him. She broke the news to Joel via phone call, and we saw Joel’s face: it hurt him pretty bad.

Sarah took Ruby shopping to the drugstore, but she saw Ruby get a lip gloss and slipped it in her bag. She then told Hank about it, and Hank can’t believe that Ruby would do something like that and even admitted that he’s a terrible father, and he’s not good at parenting. Hank told his wife Sandy about the incident. She exploded and told Hank to spend more time with Ruby and be a better father instead of spending his time with Sarah.

Amber went to school to see Drew and to borrow his car so she can go to Wyoming and see Ryan. Ryan lent her his car, but he went with her. When they got to Ryan’s house, Amber admitted that she didn’t let Ryan know that they were coming. It was a good thing though that Ryan was there. She talked to Ryan and told him about the pregnancy. Ryan was so happy to be a father. Amber made a decision to stay with Ryan and told Drew to leave her there. Drew didn’t let her because he said that he can’t fix Ryan. She went back inside the house and told Ryan she’s not ready for a commitment like that yet, so she went home with her brother.

Crosby rushed out of the hospital when he got into an argument with Adam. He rode a motorcycle and got into an accident where he only sustained minor injuries. Zeek came out of the surgery room, and everything went well. Camille went to see him, slipped the wedding ring back to his finger, and Zeek opened his eyes.

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