Parenthood Season 6 Recap: We Made It Through the Night

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Parenthood Season 6 Recap: We Made It Through the Night
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Fasten your seatbelts because you’re about to go on a rollercoaster of emotions on “Parenthood” Season 6, Episode 12 “We Made It Through the Night.”

We’re nearing the finale and “Parenthood” really knows how to make us shed half a bucket of tears before we bid them goodbye and by then, we’ll have that bucket full and might be needing another one.

Let’s talk about Joel and Julia first who are both trying to work out their marriage for the second time. Joel’s about to move in. When they were fixing the room, Joel found some sexy underwear and he confronted Julia about this. Their children, specifically Sydney, is over the clouds because her parents are finally getting back together. Victor remains skeptical because he doesn’t want to see them breaking up again. And because of the tension between the two, Victor thought that it’s not going to work out. Knowing this, Joel and Julia took their fight outside of the house and got inside the car to fight. Julia admitted that she slept with a few men while they were separated. Joel was upset and became even more upset when he found out that she still works with her ex. Joel wants her to stop working there and at the same time, he just couldn’t accept it right now that Julia has slept with some men while they were separated. Oh Joel, can you blame her?

Amber had a false alarm. Sarah thought that Amber’s going into labor that she texted everyone. She gave them the idea that Amber is going to have her baby. That was the time when Crosby found out what Jasmine did when she talked to Adam about The Luncheonette. Obviously, Crosby didn’t appreciate it and called it off. Now, Adam said that he’s not pushing through with The Luncheonette anymore.

When Jasmine talked to Crosby about this, Crosby explained that he did that. It was because when they first started the restaurant, he knows that he and Adam are genuinely working together at it. Now that he found out that the truth, he would rather give it up especially that he now accepts that Adam has lost his enthusiasm for it.

Camille and Zeek attempted to hike to a spot that they’ve always wanted to go to. Considering Zeek’s condition, he couldn’t do it so they settled for a different spot. That’s when Zeek told Camille that he plans not to go through the surgery anymore and just live his life and enjoy it while he can. Camille supported it and she said that they need to tell their children about this. Zeek agreed and said that they’re going to do it at dinner that night.

However, during dinner, Crosby and Adam argued so Zeek just retired to the other room. Sarah went to him to talk about her upcoming wedding. Hank and Zeek is more than thrilled and couldn’t wait to walk her down the aisle.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Hank talked about their wedding. Then Sarah found out about her dad’s wish. She asked Hank to make their wedding happen sooner than originally planned so her father could walk her down the aisle. And that means there’s going to be a wedding on the season finale! Yay!

And to wrap up this episode, we welcome a new Braverman as Amber finally gave birth to her child!

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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