Paris Hilton Thought She Would Die In An Awful Plane Crash; Pranked By Ramez Galal

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Paris Hilton Thought She Would Die In An Awful Plane Crash; Pranked By Ramez Galal
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What would you feel if your supposed to be fun aerial tour was ruined by a horrible prank? Paris Hilton was felt horrified and helpless when she was told that her plane is going to crash.

The video footage started very calm where Hilton was just sitting comfortably beside the “Ramez In Control” prank show’s host Ramez Galal. In a little while, he ecretly sprayed something behind him and the singer’s chair that made Hilton and other passengers- who were hired actors- to began talking and complaining about an awful smell.

The unsuspecting Hilton, the hotel heiress and former reality TV star, got the aerial ride of her life after the Egyptian prankster version of Ashton Kutcher, Ramez pranked Hilton in a plane crash act.

Based on a report made by The Oregonian, Hilton apparently thought that she was in Dubai for a hotel opening and was later on offered to have an aerial tour around the city. The truth was, however, Ramez was shooting an episode of his prank show and Hilton was his target.

The small plane didn’t only go into a freefall, it also began to dip and dive and plummet like an extreme roller coaster ride in a theme park. The act made Hilton and other passengers into a panic mode. The dramatic plane crash ride prank didn’t stopped there because as time passed by and the atmosphere became more intense, the plane’s actor pilot raced out of the cockpit,, threw open the planes door and jumped out of the aircraft sending Hilton more horrified.

The 34-year-old started screaming “What is happening? Why can’t we land?… Oh my God! No! Can’t we just land?”

After a while, the plane slowly landed to the ground making the horrified Hilton relax a little bit but still scared. When it landed safely, the hidden cameras and Galal went up to her and said that everything was a prank!

Hilton’s face was in a statement of shock as she responded to the host, “I’m going to kill you. You’ve been pretending the whole time?”

The crew began to clap in the background as she covered her face in shock.

Hilton later on tweeted what happen to her and how upset she was when she really thought that the plane was going to crash and that she’ll die right that very moment.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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