Park Shin Hye Considering Movie Project With D.O and Jo Jung Sok

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Park Shin Hye Considering Movie Project With D.O and Jo Jung Sok
Instagram/Park Shin-hye

In the Asian Entertainment world, it is quite common to see singers and artists star in their own dramas and movies, as most, when they are accepted into their agencies, are considered as talents who embody the full package- they should be able to sing, dance and act, but this, doesn’t apply to everyone. However, this does apply for EXO’s D.O, or Doo Kyung-soo, Jo Jung Sok and Park Shin Hye, who are often praised on their acting abilities. Recently, it has been reported that these three might just be appearing in an upcoming future project together. Read on to learn more about this possible new project of Park Shin Hye’s, Jo Jung Sok and D.O.

According to the reports on Soompi and K Drama Stars, EXO’s D.O, or Doo Kyung-Soo, is all set to star in a movie entitled “Hyung” or “Older Brother.” The upcoming film also stars “Oh My Ghostess” star, Jo Jung Suk.

The film, which will be directed by “Barefoot Kibong’s” Kwon Soo Kyung” will tell the story of two brothers, who end up reuniting with each together in an unexpected way.

Jo Jung Suk will be portraying D.O’s con man older brother, Doo Shik, who returns to live his younger brother, a rising Judo athlete in the country’s national team, after serving a sentence of fifteen years. However, as the story progresses, D.O’s character gets injured on the eve of a crucial national competition, which changes the rising athlete’s life forever.

Actress Park Shin Hye, according to Soompi and K Drama Stars, is currently in talks to portray a Judo coach, who is close to Doo Young, and acts like an older sister towards him.

Soompi reports that Park’s agency, S.A.L.T. Entertainment, has said that Park Shin Hye has received the offer, and is currently thinking about it, but assures the public that it looks probable that the actress might join “Hyung.” It will start its production this coming October.

Would you like to see Park Shin Hye work with Jo Jung Suk, and EXO’s D.O or Do Kyung-Soo?

And that was the latest news regarding the casting for the upcoming Korean film, “Hyung”, or “Older Brother”. For more entertainment news and updates in Hollywood and in Asia, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source:Instagram/Park Shin-hye

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