Park Yoochun Sexual Assault Cases Update: Investigators Say JYJ Member Not Guilty!

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Park Yoochun Sexual Assault Cases Update: Investigators Say JYJ Member Not Guilty!
Park Yoochun

Park Yoochun is not guilty and he will be acquitted soon! This was the verdict of the investigating panel that summoned the actor for a series of questioning. He cannot be locked up but freed because he is innocent.

The Seoul Gangnam Police concluded that no force was applied to the victims, which mean that no sexual assault was done by the alleged perpetrator. Assault to be proven involves force and suspect forced himself on the victim.

The relieved actor was already proven innocent based on the facts of the cases and his pertinent documents will be released soon. His cases have affected his work so much and he needs to bounce back.

Park Yoochun was summoned by the Seoul Gangnam police for four successive days. This was regarding the similar complaints filed by four different women. After thorough questioning, authorities unanimously concluded that there is no sufficient evidence to elevate the complaints to the court.

Police authorities are hastening the release of the dismissal papers on the sexual assault cases. They are now in the process of looking for possible other cases that they can work on. It will be a possibility that the complainants will face the repercussion of their actions. They can no longer re-file the cases against the actor because of the provision of the law on double jeopardy and they will end up getting nothing from him.

There were reports that the actor through his agency has paid out 100 million won to the first victim. This was revealed when his agency alleged that the first complainant wants to extort money from the actor so that she will not pursue her case.

The investigators are eyeing cases of blackmail, money extortion and false accusations against the first complainant and even the rest of the women. It can be recalled that the first to surmise dropped the case she filed but refiled again later.

Park Yoochun is not guilty of sexual assault according to the investigators. He can clear his name now and be grateful for the hasty disposition of his cases.


Photo Source: Facebook/Park Yoochun

Source: Soompi

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