Park Yoochun Sexual Assault Scandal: DNA Matches; Investigators Proving JYJ Actor’s Innocence Might Retract?

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Park Yoochun Sexual Assault Scandal: DNA Matches; Investigators Proving JYJ Actor’s Innocence Might Retract?
Park Yoochun

Park Yoochun was only given a few days of respite when the investigators concluded that the actor was innocent. Their basis was the absence of force applied to the victims.

Investigators might retract their decision following the result of the DNA test. The BitBag reported that the DNA testing on the actor’s sample matches with the sample found on the first complainant matched.

It is clear that when the sample and the testing were accurate, then a sexual intercourse transpired between Park Yoochun and the first complainant. However, a conclusion cannot be drawn that there was rape.

For a sexual assault to be proven there must be the presence of force. The suspect forced himself on the victim. This was not proven by all the victims. Hence, the Seoul Gangnam Police declared that Park is innocent and decided to dismiss the cases.

Taking into consideration the presence of sexual contact, the singer-actor might declare that the act was consensual. Park Yoochun will be free from any criminal liability.

It is because, when the authorities announced that his cases will be dismissed, he cannot be sued again. No case on same offense can be filed because of the law on double jeopardy.

It seems that fate is kind to the actor. However, to erase all traces of criminality and abuse, the actor should deal with the complainants to talk things over. Serious damage has already been done in his name and career. It is about time for him to act on damage control.

Park Yoochun was charged with sexual assault by 5 women who claimed that the actor forced them to have intercourse with him. They claimed that the establishment manager also helped in his misdemeanors.

His agency defended him and declared that the complainants were just asking for money. It has also filed counter charges against the complainants for blackmail and false accusation.

Did Park Yoochun commit a crime against a woman? The investigators might say no and the actor alone can only tell the truth.


Photo Source: Facebook/Park Yoochun

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