Park Yoochun Fans Seek Severe Punishment To False Accusers; Actor To Move To Another Country?

By Chan Lasan | 2 years ago
Park Yoochun Fans Seek Severe Punishment To False Accusers; Actor To Move To Another Country?
Park Yoochun

Fans of Park Yoochun, a former member of JYJ group, believed that it was never enough when Seoul Gangnam Police arrested the accusers of their idol.

Aside from the first and second accusers who have been booked recently, followers of Park Yoochun want all four women accusers to receive a severe punishment. In an editorial posted by JYJ website, a person named Rilanna stated series of false accusations against Korean celebrities aside from Yoochun.

The post also mentioned that these false sexual accusations have reached its limits to the point that it has to be prevented. The said celebrities have been accused of sexual cases but turns out to be all false. Of course, it is a huge concern that these dilemmas can trash the career of any star.

Moreover, the goal is to know who the real culprits are and charge them with necessary punishment.

According to Yibada, the comment section of JYJ website was filled with fans’ point of view. They shared that those women who filed false accusations must be charged with long term punishment in prison. This is in order to show the others that the same plan does not work to trash a celebrity.

Another fan commented that Park Yoochun has been ironically in the drama entitled Three Days with same situation. One more comment agreed that Korean dramas do mimic the event of real life happenings.

Moreover, another comment suggested that Park Yoochun and his family should relocate in China or Japan where there are fans that could support him. Unfortunately, the 30-year-old actor-singer has been blacklisted in Japan because of the allegations from a woman named Avex.

Furthermore, a fan named Sisco was in rage when Wikipedia brand Park Yoochun as Bill Cosby of Korea.

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