Park Yoochun Sexual Assault Arrests: Two Accusers, One Accomplice For False Allegations

By Nathalie | 2 years ago
Park Yoochun Sexual Assault Arrests: Two Accusers, One Accomplice For False Allegations

There are many different things that can greatly affect a person’s life and career for the bad. One of them is being legally and publicly charged with sexual assault. This is exactly what happened to promising artist Park Yoochun.

Although already famous, Park Yoochun was still on his way to greater stardom. Then his life, career and reputation crashed when the sexual misconduct allegations surfaced. He did not only, allegedly, sexually assaulted five ladies but he did it in a bar’s bathroom. Not that it would have been better somewhere else but the fact that it happened in a public establishment makes it a lot worse.

By now, the accusations have been proven to be false but the repercussion of the highly publicized event basically destroyed his life. A big fanbase of JYJ publicly announced that they are withdrawing their support for Park Yoochun and all the projects he is involved with. This is probably the reason why many producers cancelled their deals with him and some decided to no longer consider him for parts and endorsements he was previously considered for.

A month or so after the dismissal and dropping of the sexual assault cases, Park Yoochun found himself again in another equally damaging litigation. A series of text messages recovered from one of the accusers imply that Park Yoochun offered money for the sexual encounter, meaning solicitation of prostitution. However, it can be noted that the messages was between the accuser and a friend. They were only discussing the “contract” and Park Yoochun played no role in the entire conversation.

All cases were dropped and he is basically cleared of everything but the damage is already done and honestly irrevocable. According to The Bitbag, JYJ Entertainment previously said that they will take legal actions against the false accusers. Looks like the warning is now in play as three people have already been put behind bars.

Earlier this month, Park Yoochun’s first accuser was taken into police custody and charged with false accusations and attempted blackmail. She was apprehended with her cousin who is suspected to be her accomplice.

The second accuser, although the news did not go as public as the first one, was also detained in July because of false accusation.

This will not bring back Park Yoochun’s career, but at least he can teach his accusers a lesson.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Park Yoochun

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