Parker Action Thriller Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Parker Action ThrillerParker is a by-the-numbers thriller from director Taylor Hackford. He describes his movie as an unapologetically crime-action genre piece. As it turns out, the film is something that doesn’t need much energy to make and allow everyone in it to get a nice tan.

The cast of Parker is in casual mode. Jason Statham is Parker, a principled villain. He is the type of thief who comforts his hostages even when he is stealing from them. He expects others to be like him. So he doesn’t expect his new partners to cheat on him, shoot him and leave him for dead.

He wants to revenge for the wrong deed done to him. He follows the crew to Palm Beach, where they are preparing for a large jewel heist. This is where he meets Jennifer Lopez, who plays a newly divorced real estate agent who is looking for a break. Her character has no specific purpose except to distract the audience from Statham’s absurd disguises.

Jennifer Lopez’ role is so demeaning that even an unknown starlet would not accept it. All she does in Parker is to show off her curves, which is the result of working out a lot. You wouldn’t believe that she’s the same actress in the movie Out of Sight.

The cast gives out an uninspired performance in Parker. The script is based on the book Flashfire by Donald E. Westlake. It is a series of perfectly timed coincidences and unbelievable recoveries. Other members of the cast include Nick Nolte, Bobby Cannavale, and Patti LuPone. It features some cheesy background music with shaky camerawork.

Parker is an action thriller and if you’re looking for one to waste some time then you will not be disappointed by it. Statham gets to beat up a bunch of bad guys all throughout the movie. It also has some decent acts of thievery.

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