Parks and Recreation Season 7 Premiere Recap

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Parks and Recreation Season 7 Premiere Recap
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Finally, “Parks and Recreation” Season 7 has premiered, and we are now in 2017. Before we give you the full recap, here’s a quick run-through on what took place over the years.

First off, Leslie Knope has triplets, and they are now toddlers. She’s now running the Pawnee office of the National Parks Service. There’s Ron Swanson, who left the Parks Department two years ago and started his own company, while Ben Wyatt is still happy working in Pawnee city government and just received an award as Man of the Year. Tom Haverford’s new business venture, Tom’s Bistro, is doing well and now owns four restaurants. Andy Dwyer works part-time for Leslie and now has his own TV show. Then we have April Ludgate-Dwyer who also works for Leslie, as well as Terry Gergich. And last but not the least, Donna Meagle is engaged to Joe.

So, let’s start with the recap. The episode picked up where it left off in the Season 6 finale, with Leslie talking to Ben on the way to a meeting. The National Parks Service was interested to buy the Newport family’s land, but Gryzzl was also interested in it and was planning to build offices on the land.

It has also been reveled that Leslie’s new nemesis was Ron Swanson because he’s been hired by Gryzzl to build their new offices. This was offensive for Leslie. To make matters worse, Ron hired Donna and Tom. In the end, Leslie was able to sway the Newports to choose them while she made amends with some friends that she might have hurt due to her idealism.

Then we had Tom and Ben who made a speech regarding Ben’s new award. Tom was supposed to just introduce Ben, but then he made a speech about his accomplishments, and things turned pretty emotional when he started talking about his friendship with Ben.

Andy and April were reeling in their newfound freedom when they realized that they are grown-ups and bought a house of their own. Turns out, it was haunted and disgusting.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar


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