Parks and Recreation Season 7 Recap: Episodes 3 & 4

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Parks and Recreation Season 7 Recap: Episodes 3 & 4
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Finally, the rift between Ron and Leslie has been resolved in “Parks and Recreation” Season 7 Episode 3 “William Henry Harrison” and Episode 4 “Leslie and Ron.” Read below for the full recap.

Ron and Leslie were stuck in an elevator, and they had no choice but to talk. That’s when they started talking about what happened between them, and they let fans in to the most-awaited reconciliation this season.

It has been revealed that the main reason behind their feud started when Ron started his business and development company, the Very Good Business & Development Company. He left government work. Although Leslie was devastated by this, he let it go. But what drove the stake for Leslie was when Ron started developing the Morningstar Apartment Complex in front of the Pawnee Commons. That means that he tore the houses down to build the apartment, which included Ann’s apartment. This was the nail in the coffin for Leslie. Ann’s her best friend. Even though she doesn’t live there anymore, there are a lot of memories in the house that Leslie didn’t want to let go of.

As for Ron, he felt really abandoned by everyone. It was when Leslie started climbing up the career ladder, hiring April and Terry, while Tom and Donna left to pursue their dreams. Ron tried several times to bond with Leslie, but what always happens back then is that she forgets. Leslie was just too busy, and she even stood up Ron the day when he was about to ask her for a job in the National Park Service.

Learning all of these, Leslie felt bad because she didn’t know that she made Ron feel that way. The good news was that the two finally patched things up and forgave each other. Oh, the feels.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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