Parks and Recreation Season 7 Recap: Episodes 7 & 8

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Parks and Recreation Season 7 Recap: Episodes 7 & 8
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It’s Donna and Joe’s wedding in the latest episode of “Parks and Recreation” Season 7 Episode 7 “Donna and Joe” and Episode 8 “Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington.” Read below for the full recap.

Donna and Joe are getting married and Donna’s Maid of Honor is April while their wedding planner is Craig. Oops. Meanwhile, Ben and Leslie were on their way to the rehearsal dinner. The couple’s handful triplets, who are in the care of babysitter Roz, are really a handful! They are so busy preparing for the rehearsal dinner that they ignored calls especially the one from Jen Barkley, who has been calling Ben incessantly. It looks like what she has to say can’t wait that she showed up at their door to offer Ben the chance to run for the House of Representatives.

Leslie advised him that he acts as if he’s running for the rehearsal dinner. Ben did exactly what she said because she got really drunk and danced like a fool at the rehearsal dinner. Things also got tensed because Ron subtly revealed that Tom would marry Lucy tomorrow. Tom cleared the air by saying that he likes Lucy, but he’s not going to marry her the next day.

Ben got really drunk during the rehearsal dinner. His drunken stupor made him call Jen several times telling her that he is going to run for congress and even outlined his campaign.

It’s wedding day time! Ben and Leslie were both nursing a hangover and before they get to the wedding, they talked to Jen to discuss Ben’s running for congress. After the wedding, Ben was flocked by the media and he confidently announced that he’s running for congress.

Donna and Joe had a nice wedding and Donna was so grateful for April for making things run smoothly.

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