Parks and Recreation Recap: Season 6 Finale Moving Up, All’s Well that Ends Well

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Parks and Recreation Recap: Season 6 Finale Moving Up, All’s Well that Ends Well
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The “Parks and Recreation” Season 6 finale “Moving Up” showed that there’s a bright future ahead for Leslie Knope and it’s already the perfect series finale but we are all aware that a 7th season is on its way. Read on for MNG’s “Parks and Recreation” recap of the Season 6 finale “Moving Up.”

“Parks and Recreation” recap of the Season 6 finale “Moving Up:

The season 6 finale of “Parks and Recreation” moved forward 3 years ahead to find Leslie in her new job, her dream job – running the National Parks Service Midwest Bureau and she is pregnant with triplets! Plus, she also got her way because she’s staying in Pawnee instead of moving to Chicago. The whole season she’s been stressing out about moving to Chicago because that is what the job entails but Leslie got her way and managed to stay in Pawnee. Thanks to the help of her friends and her convincing powers.

Also, there were a lot of guest stars namely Michelle Obama and John Hamm. There was also a number of musical performers for the Unity Concert such as “Letters to Cleo,” “The Decemberists,” and “Ginuwine.” Some minor characters over the past six years made an appearance as well such as Joan Callamezzo, the legendary newscaster, Jean Ralphio and his sister, Perd Hapley and Jeremy Jamm.

The Season 6 finale of “Parks and Recreation” (“Moving Up”) was just perfection. Every character was wrapped up in the best way possible. There was Ben who finally got Pawnee free WiFi and getting a wink from the lead singer of “Letters to Cleo.” Ron, on the other hand finally made his debut as Duke Silver. There was Tom who thankfully, overcame a disastrous opening party of his Italian restaurant.

It was indeed an epic ending that is enough for the fans already but we’re definitely not saying no to a 7th season of “Parks and Recreation!” We wonder how they are going to twist the plot on the next season but as of now, we are all still reeling from the joy that we have gained from their season 6 finale.

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