Parks and Recreation Season 7 Recap: Episodes 10 & 11

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Parks and Recreation Season 7 Recap: Episodes 10 & 11
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Parks and Recreation” Season 7, Episodes 10 “The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show” and 11 “Two Funerals” were just the two last episodes, until its season finale that we needed. These episodes just make us realize what we’re going to miss and the wonderful moments that we are going to look back on. Read below for the recaps.

Episode 10: “The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show”

This episode revolved around Andy and April, who are both leaving for Washington for April’s new career. However, before they leave Pawnee Johnny Karate must have his final show BUT he lost his guitar and he needs the help of Burt Macklin to find it. Johnny Karate needs to do 5 things to find his guitar:

  1. Build something
  2. Learn something
  3. Karate chop something
  4. Do something new
  5. Be nice to someone

So, first thing he did was to build something with Ron Swanson wherein Ron taught him to build a wooden box and it was successful. Up next, he needs to learn something and Ben taught him the easiest and faster way to get to Washington, D.C. After that, Jerry delivered a lot of fan mail to Andy and he returned the favor by moving on to Karate Chop Something time.

It’s time to learn something new and he did this with Leslie but the show changed when Leslie tried something new instead by honoring Andy for everything that he’s done for Pawnee as Johnny Karate, Andy Dwyer or Burt Macklin. She brought in Andy’s old boss for a knighting ceremony and Ben also get knighted as well. Leslie also made Andy an honorary Pawnee police office and he used his new power to arrest John Cena (yes, John Cena popped out of nowhere) for stealing his guitar.

The last thing that he had to do was be nice to someone and he tried it with his wife, April to honor her but April walked out. Andy ran after her and April was upset because she feels like she’s taking everything away from Andy but Andy told her that he’s not upset and this perfect line, “Without you, I wouldn’t be anything. You’re my Verizon Exxon Chipotle.”

Episode 11: “Two Funerals”

Pawnee Mayor Walt Gunderson has died and shockingly, the mayor was played by Bill Murray. John Cena then Bill Murray??? Oh wait, there’s one more cameo this episode: Paul Rudd as Bobby Newport! Okay, back to the storyline, Ben being the city manager needs to find an interim mayor for two months. He tried Bobby Newport, Dr. Saperstein, Joan Callamezzo and The Douche but no one fits.

April suggested that Ben act as mayor instead but Ben doesn’t want to and finally he found a mayor, Garry Gergich.

Meanwhile, Leslie was helping Tom propose to Lucy. Tom has been in New York buying gifts and had a grand idea for his proposal. It was so grand that it involves an action movie that will take place in a jewelry story and that is where he plans to propose to Lucy after the action stuff. Yep, it’s pretty grand.

Luckily, he changed his mind and toned it down a little. He proposed to Lucy through pancakes, flowers and a magic trick at the Snakehole Lounge and she said yes.

Ron’s barber, Salvatore has died and he’s devastated because he was so devoted to his barber. Donna tried to cheer him up by introducing him to her hair stylist, Typhoon. Ron liked him in the end.

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