Parks and Recreation Season 7 Recap: Episodes 8 & 9

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Parks and Recreation Season 7 Recap: Episodes 8 & 9
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Parks and Recreation” Season 7 is nearing its end. Although it’s sad that this will be the final season of the series, it is also great that every episode is amazingly good –just like how fans like it before the bid Leslie and the gang a final goodbye. Full recaps for Episodes 8 & 9 “Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington and “Pie-Mary” are below.

Episode 8 “Ms. Ldugate-Dwyer Goes to Washington” was Leslie and April’s journey to Washington to get support for the Newport land park project. Leslie brought April along with her because she sees her as her “Gov Bud for Life.” She even had some t-shirts done for them as well as a 5-year plan for April in a federal government.

However, April is ready to quit her job because she doesn’t really plan to work in the government anymore. In fact, in Pawnee, Ben, Ron, and Andy were looking for a job for April. Since April loves bossing people around and is creative, they have to find a job that would fit these qualities well. At first they considered letting her work at Ron’s company but they realized that April won’t feel fulfilled there. Ben tried to look into Tilton and Radomski, an accounting firm even though April doesn’t have the right education and accounting experience for this, they think that her charms will pull her through.

Little did they know, April has finally decided on a job while in Washington and finally told a shocked Leslie that she’s leaving. She later on realized that she couldn’t hold people in her life but only allow to let them grow. She then recommended April to the American Service Foundation. April got the right job for her, which involves bossing people around and not seeing them again. Sounds like the perfect job for her!

Episode 9 “Pie-Mary” started with Ben and Leslie meeting up with Jen Barkley to discuss Ben’s campaign. There are plenty of responsibilities and appearances that they have to go to. Leslie decided that they don’t participate in “Pie-Mary” where the wives of the candidates compete for a pie-making contest.

When the people in Pawnee learned about this, they were upset. Mike Patterson even confronted Leslie that she doesn’t care about homemakers at all. Jen advised them to apologize to the people and bake a pie, so Ben and Leslie did. However, the Pawnee’s Women Organization was already upset and was really glad that Leslie decided not to participate at first. Ben came up with the idea to make Calzones instead but this, in turn, enraged Pawnee’s Men’s Rights Activists.

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