‘Partisan:’ How Ariel Kleiman Made The Film?

By Bindhu Mol. G | 3 years ago

The new Australian film “Partisan,” that marks Ariel Kleiman’s directorial debut, revolves around women and children, lovingly ruled over by a scarred character, Gregori. The film is director Kleiman’s follow up to his incredibly successful “Deeper Than Yesterday.” Read more to know what the director says about how he made this film.

According to reports from SBS, the director shares his experience in making the film “Partisan.”

The 11-year-old Alexander, Alexander’s mother Susanna, and Gregori (played by French actor Vincent Cassel) are the heart of the story in the film. The director’s primary aim was to make the actors of the film feel as if they knew each other well.

“We did a lot of auditioning to test their chemistry but they were very natural together instantly,” the director says about Florence Mezzara (mother Susanna) and Jeremy Chabriel (Alexander).

“Conveniently both were residents of Sydney – and French born. They were able to hang out a lot before the shoot, chatting, going out for lunch together, with Jeremy’s mother Laurence too,” Kleiman added.

The director says astonishingly says, “With Vincent in Europe it was more like experimental alchemy, imagining what they would be like together … The beautiful thing that all three had (Cassel, Mezzara and Chabriel) was the French language – and only those three on set. They had familiarity through language.”

Kleiman was in need of a very special boy to play the Alexander character. He found Chabriel could command the screen and match Cassel’s significant presence when they were in the same frame.

Kleiman remarks “Cassel had never before had to deliver as much dialogue in English so was ‘a bit out of his comfort zone.’ He also mentions that the actor provided many versions of every scene, giving the creative team a lot of material to play within the editing room, which was both daunting and extremely useful.”

“I try to make all my films challenging, try and subvert expectations,” and “I only feel comfortable when I’m terrified,” says Kleiman.

IMDb reports, “Ariel Kleiman’s debut feature Partisan had a quiet opening in Oz on 14 screens, despite an extensive social media campaign orchestrated by Madman Entertainment.”

Partisan, the ambitious, provocative new film is now showing in Australian cinemas. See for yourself and admire the director’s work.

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