Passengers Movie: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Love That It Has No Sequel

By Kathleen Villaruben | 2 years ago
Passengers Movie: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Love That It Has No Sequel
passengers movie

Today’s Hollywood formula is typical: a remake with ultra-expensive production costs and a ready-made sequel. However, director Morten Tyldum ensured that Passengers movie is an original idea away from any existing story. The best part? It does not need a sequel.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s Comments on Passengers Movie


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Passengers movie seems to be very promising that even Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt considered the whole experience important to them. Cinema Blend managed to get their opinions regarding the conclusive ending of the movie which clearly does not require a sequel anymore.

Lawrence described the experience “refreshing” because of the movie’s original plot. She thought original content is already “rare” these days. She admitted that Passengers movie is the first big-budget movie she took part in with a definite ending.

Pratt also weighed in regarding the movie’s ending. He made Tyldum promise that the ending must stay the same because it is crucial for the whole film’s outcome. He did that because he really loved the original idea.

Pratt told Tyldum, “Listen, this has to be as it is, right? You’re not going to switch it at the end and open it up for a sequel because it could be wildly successful.”

Thankfully, Tyldum insisted that everything is final.

About Passengers

Passengers movie follows the story of Jim Preston and Aurora Dunn, two of the 5,259 passengers of the spaceship named Starship Avalon. The spaceship is supposed to arrive in the faraway planet colony called “Homestead Colony” after 120 years.

However, it suddenly encounters a malfunction causing Jim’s and Aurora’s sleep chambers to open. The problem is this. How can Jim and Aurora survive in a stranded spaceship with still 90 years to go to arrive in Homestead?

Passengers movie finally premieres on December 21. It also stars Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, Andy Garcia and Vince Foster.

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