Patrick Schwarzenegger: Is It Money or Miley?

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Patrick Schwarzenegger: Is It Money or Miley?
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/GabboT | Patrick Schwarzenegger at the premiere of Writers, Toronto Film Festival 2012, 9 September 2012.

It looks like Patrick Schwarzenegger could lose millions from his trust fund money if he continues to disobey his parents. To be exact, Patrick’s parents are threatening to cancel his $49 million trust fund!

Entertainment Wise earlier reported that Patrick Schwarzenegger’s parents, Arnold and Maria Shriver, are threatening to cancel his trust fund if he keeps on dating Miley Cyrus. According to reports, Patrick was being told by his parents to break up with the “Wrecking Ball” singer or else he will not receive a dime from his trust fund when he turns 25.

As sources say, the parents of the 21-year-old believe that Cyrus is a negative influence on him. These reports started to surface after Patrick brought home the singer in Massachusetts to spend Christmas with his relatives. Based on reports by the source, Patrick and his mother had a huge argument. Allegedly, this was when the threat of cancelling his trust fund was announced. With this threat of cutting him off financially, Maria believes that Patrick would finally dump Cyrus.

To this, Patrick responded that his parents could stick their money “where the sun don’t shine.” Adding to this rebuttal, Patrick told his parents that he would much rather be with Cyrus than have his money. Needless to say, Patrick believes that what his parents are threatening him with are nothing but bluffs. He refuses to end his relationship with the 22-year-old singer.

This is an incredibly upsetting time for Arnold and Maria because they fear that Patrick will only be led down the wrong path by Cyrus before she decides to break his heart.

While there may be much truth to this rumor, it could also be conflicting since there are contradictory reports that Cyrus spent Christmas to meet Patrick’s parents. The couple, however, spent New Year’s Eve together.

As reports show, Patrick and Miley were seen together at a Britney Spears concert held at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The couple was said to have watched the concert with Arnold and Heather Milligan (his date) and newly engaged couple Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara.

If the threat is real, do you think Patrick Schwarzenegger is making the right choice? Let us know in the comments below!

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/GabboT

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