Paul Haggis Slams Journalists For Not Asking Tom Cruise About Scientology

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Paul Haggis Slams Journalists For Not Asking Tom Cruise About Scientology

Slamming journalists, Director Paul Haggis told that the reporters must ask Tom Cruise about Scientology despite being told by the “Mission Impossible” star and his team not to do so. Read on to know more details.

Director Paul Haggis has a bone to pick with the reporters who refuse to ask Tom Cruise about the thing that is most on everybody’s mind. He would like the reporters to ask Cruise about Scientology. Notably, Paul Haggis left the Scientology circle in 2009 and was very vocal about the problems with Scientology. Haggis told the Hollywood Reporter that even though they are told not to ask questions, they ought to ask some, because that is what journalistic integrity is all about. He even insinuated that the reporters were only asking the questions pertaining to the new movie, “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” because they were promoting it.

Haggis said that Cruise’s PR people were very smart and had filtered out the interviewers before they got to see Cruise with their questions. He also said that the press was just acting like a PR team at the moment, talking only about things that were helpful towards promoting the movie and ignoring the “big elephant” of a question: Is Cruise still with Scientology? And if he is, why isn’t he talking about it? Why is he avoiding questions about it?

He asked the press how big the elephant have to be before the press starts noticing it and asking questions about it. Haggis is one of the notable few Hollywood celebrities who have taken a stance against scientology. Leah Remini is another person who talked about it recently. We reported it here.

People who are in the inner circle of Scientology claim that it is a religion that is firmly based on the principles of psychology and rationality. However, if Remini is to be believed, the Church of Scientology is easy to get into but hard to leave.

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