Paul McCartney Helped Taylor Swift and Kanye West Make Up

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Paul McCartney Helped Taylor Swift and Kanye West Make Up
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Fiona, Flickr/July 10, 2010 | Paul McCartney performs in Dublin, Ireland on July 10, 2010

After a six-year cold war between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, the winds have just made a favorable turn as they finally let bygones be bygones. And who do they have to thank for that? That would be Paul McCartney himself!

Everyone was surprised to hear of the rather eventful reconciliation between Taylor Swift and Kanye West during the Grammys Awards night on Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015, and that they even had photos together. Aside from this, the two celebrities were even seen having dinner on Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015, at The Spotted Pig in New York.

As expected, the reconciliation news stemmed up questions if there will be a possible upcoming collaboration between the two. But in fact, prior to the said dinner, in an interview in Ryan Seacrest’s show on Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015, West revealed that Swift had suggested doing a collaboration work sometime. Seacrest later tweeted on the revelation.

However, some raised questions if this would be a good move, and apparently, Swift also thought of the same thing. According to a source for, Swift was worried that such a collab may end up resulting in further disagreements.

But her fears were reportedly somewhat dampened by Paul McCartney. A source revealed that McCartney and Swift were able to talk about the matter after their performance at the “SNL 40” after party. Apparently, Swift confided to McCartney about this because since he’s been doing collaborations with West lately, and he may be able to give her appropriate advice on the issue at hand.

“Paul put her mind at ease and said that she shouldn’t have any feuds and it should be all about peace and love. [He] said Taylor should work with Kanye and potentially create some epic music together. Paul actually mentioned to Taylor that if he could be civil with Yoko [Ono], that Kanye would be a piece of cake,” the source told

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ Fiona/ Y2kcrazyjoker4


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