Paul McCartney On John Lennon: ‘He’s More Famous Than Me’

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Paul McCartney On John Lennon: ‘He’s More Famous Than Me’
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It’s been what? 45 years since the famous British band “Beatles” split up, but it seems like Sir Paul McCartney is still trying to find his place with the bands history.

In his recent candid interview with Esquire U.K. edition, McCartney expressed his thoughts about the band and John Lennon’s death.

He admitted that he was frustrated with being compared to his former band counterparts. His frustration grew significantly after Lennon’s 1980 shooting death, 35 years ago that made the man more famous; because of revisionism.

McCartney also said that the four membersof the Britishband were mostly equal following their split in 1970, but not until 10 years later when John Lennon, 40, was assassinated. That day changed everything.

According to McCartney, when they split up, they were sort of all equal; George did his record, same as John, he did his own and Ringo did his, just like “Beatles’” times. “We were equal,” he added. But not until Lennon’s death. McCartney admitted that he got frustrated when people started to say ‘Well, he was The Beatles.’And he, George and Ringo would go, “Er, hang on. It’s only a year ago we were all equal-ish.”

McCartney also opened up about the songwriting credits issues between him and Lennon. He specifically cited that the lyrics to “Yesterday” were written by himself.

He explains to his interview that there was a plan to alternate the “Beatles’” writing credits between him and Lennon’s name-“Lennon and McCartney” and “McCartney and Lennon.” When it didn’t happen, McCartney says at first he didn’t mind at all but things change when the “Anthology” dame out and cited “Songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.” His frustration got worse when his original artwork “Yesterday,” that he wrote had a photo of Lennon above it.

“Could we have “By Paul McCartney and John Lennon”; wouldn’t that be a good idea?” said McCartney.

However, when he was asked if he thought his name and Lennon’s would forever be linked, McCartney responded “Hopefully.”

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Photo Source: Facebook|Paul McCartney

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