Penelope Cruz Reveals That “Zoolander 2” is funnier than “Zoolander”

By Meghna Subhedhar | 3 years ago
Penelope Cruz Reveals That “Zoolander 2” is funnier than “Zoolander”
Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is excited about starring in “Zoolander 2.” She will be starring alongside Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Read on.

The Oscar-winning actress revealed to the press that Stiller may appear to be an all out funny guy, but he is very serious when he is working. He is totally dedicated to the work when he is working. But Stiller and Cruz did have a few laughs while they were working.

The “Zoolander” actor often spoke seriously when he was dressed as Derek Zoolander for the movie and the actress couldn’t help laughing when he spoke seriously when he was dressed in serious clothes. She also revealed that they were shooting in Italy and had to stay there for almost 3 months for the shooting schedule. She also revealed to the fans of the first movie that she was absolutely sure that this movie was going to be even funnier than the last. She said she was 100 % sure that the fans are going to enjoy it even more than the last one.

The actress was speaking to Harper’s Bazaar and they were discussing her fashion ventures and recent movies. Cruz revealed that she loved designing lingerie for her brand, L’Agent. She collaborates on the designs and she works with her sister Monica Cruz and Agent Provocateur’s creative director Sarah Shotton for her designs. The brand sells affordable lingerie for women of all ages. The actress says that they have made it a point to include lingerie that is comfortable and wearable.

Cruz also talked about her recent movie, “Mama,” where she plays a cancer patient. She told the press that she always thought of the character’s needs while portraying the character. She also told the press that the movie handled a very delicate subject and she was happy the way it turned out.

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