Penn State Removes Paterno Statue

By admin | 6 years ago

On Sunday, authorities from Penn State had the famed Joe Paterno statute taken down from outside the football stadium on the university’s campus. The removal of the statue eliminates another key piece of the legacy surrounding the iconic football coach who was once the most respected coach in the entire country. However, he is accused with other top Penn State officials of burying allegations of child sex abuse against Paterno’s ex-assistant coach.

The statue was lifted from its bases by workers with the help of a forklift. The statue was taken inside Beaver stadium as over a hundred students from the school chanted, “We are Penn State.” Earlier on Sunday the university announced that it would take the monument down following the report released two weeks ago that found Paterno and other officials from the school concealed the claims of sexual abuse against Jerry Sandusky.

Construction vehicles along with police arrived just after dawn on Sunday and barricaded the sidewalk and street in front of the statue. They then erected a fence and concealed the statue with a tarp.

The current president of Penn State, Rod Erickson announced he had decided to raise the statue and put into in permanent storage due to it becoming a symbol of division and an obstacle of healing.

The president said Paterno’s name would stay on the library on campus because of the lasting and substantial contributions to educational excellence and academic life that the family has given to Penn State. Angelo Di Maria the sculptor, who made the statue, said it was disappointing to hear officials had taken it down.

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