‘Banshee’ Cancelled After Season 4: Pennsylvania Folks React; Town ‘Down in the Dumps’

By Martin Suan | 3 years ago
‘Banshee’ Cancelled After Season 4: Pennsylvania Folks React; Town ‘Down in the Dumps’
Fans feel sad over “Banshee” official ending.

Folks in Vandergift, Pennsylvania gave their reaction after learning of Cinemax’s decision of ending “Banshee” at season 4. What did they say? Read on for more details.

The production team of “Banshee” moved to the Pennsylvanian town to shoot for their fourth season after recording its first three seasons in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Nicole Basile, who worked at Sweetlane Chocolate Shop in Vandergift, expressed her sadness upon knowing that Cinemax officially decided to discontinue “Banshee.” She said that the people in their town loved having the team come in their place daily, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

Mrs. Basile’s husband, Pete Basil, started the chocolate shop in 1947 and has been the favorite hang out of the show’s production team since they began filming there. The cast reportedly had a running tab in that place.

The shop was also located justnear the “Banshee” Sheriff Deparment, on the same street, which was a renovated JC Penny store.

News about the discontinuation of “Banshee” reportedly spread around the town like wildfire. Town secretary Steve DelleDonne said that they were faithfully following the show on the web and were reading about it. But since the announcement came, the people were kind of down in the dumps, DelleDonne said.

“We are said to learn that they are not returning with ‘Banshee’,” Pittsburgh Film Office director Dawn Keezer said.

On Thursday, Cinemax released an official statement about the final season of the American drama series.

“‘BANSHEE’ will return for its eight-episode fourth and final season in Jan. 2016, exclusively on Cinemax,” the company said via a report by Community Voices from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Created by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler, the show was Cinemax’s highest rating ever for an original TV series in its first season. It had an average of 443,000 viewers every episode.

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Photo source: Facebook/Banshee

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