Penny Dreadful Season 1: Episode 3 Resurrection Recap and Episode 4 Demimonde Spoilers [WATCH VIDEO]

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Penny Dreadful Season 1: Episode 3 Resurrection Recap and Episode 4 Demimonde Spoilers [WATCH VIDEO]
Photo of Eva Green at the Orange British Academy Film Awards in London’s Royal Opera House. 11 February 2007 Wikimedia Commons/Caroline Bonarde Ucci

“Penny Dreadful” Season 1 Episode 4 “Demimonde” airs on Sunday, June 1, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime. Read on to find out more about the “Penny Dreadful” Season 1 Episode 3 “Resurrection” recap and the Episode 4 “Demimonde” spoilers.

“Penny Dreadful” Season 1 Episode 3 “Resurrection” (air date: May 25, 2014) is directed by Dearbhla Walsh and written by John Logan. The episode began with the back story behind the sad childhood of Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) and the origin of his “first born,” Caliban (Rory Kinnear).

A young Victor succumbed to the death of his ill mother and his favourite dog. It led to the beginning with his curiosity over life and death. When he had made Caliban, Victor felt that its too early for him to take another responsibility and abandoned his work.

In “Seance,” Caliban arrived at Frankenstein’s lab/house and killed the friendly reanimated creature, Proteus (Alex Price). He returned to his Master to make him a female companion, who can join him. Before returning, Caliban had found a job as a manpower for a theatre.

Sir Malcolm Murray (Tmothy Dalton) saw the final key in relocating Mina’s current place in the “Neverworld” with the use of Vanessa’s recent vision. Vanessa found out that Mina (Olivia Llewellyn) was hypnotized by a man-creature, who she had an affair with. She was taken after she was engaged to Jonathan Harker.

With the information from Vanessa (Eva Green), Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) and Sembene (Danny Sapani) lead a new expedition on a night trip at the local London Zoo. It is where they will encounter Fenton (Olly Alexander), who is probably a deranged servant to a vampire master. Fenton might hold the information of Mina’s true location, who was kidnapped by Dracula.

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WARNING! “Penny Dreadful” Episode 4 “Demimonde” spoilers ahead! Read only if you want to know more.

Several new characters had joined the fun and gore-filled underworld of “Penny Dreadful” including Oliver Wilde’s hedonistic Dorian Gray and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Now, another famed literary character will arrive.

According to the official synopsis posted on TV Guide, Vanessa will continue to struggle with her mysterious infatuation with Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney). Can they be together in the end? Vanessa also learned that she was the one that Dracula wanted and not Mina. Will she forgive Sir Malcolm from not telling her about the truth?

It seems that Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) will finally with his daughter, who had been missing since “Night Work.” He will seek the services of the famed Van Helsing in order to find out a cure for Mina’s mysterious “illness”? Can Van Helsing and Dr. Frankenstein be successful? Will Mina return to normal or continue to become a vampire herself?

On the other hand, Fenton, the loyal servant of the evil Count will lead his master to the mansion of the Murrays. We could expect that a thrilling battle between good and evil will be present in the upcoming episode. Who would win in the end?

Spoiler TV posted the promotional photos that showed the current love affairs of several “Penny Dreadful” characters. It showcased the evident chemistry between Vanessa and Dorian. Also, Ethan will have a bonding moment with his lover, Miss Brona Croft while watching a theatre play with fake “werewolves!” Can Ethan finally accept the dark and mysterious underworld that he got into?

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