People Magazine Names Paltrow Most Beautiful Woman

By admin | 6 years ago

Iron Man 3 star, Gwyneth Paltrow, has been named by popular People Magazine as the Most Beautiful Woman in the World for this year.

Paltrow won the top spot over others including Drew Barrymore, Kerry Washington and Jennifer Lawrence.

The winner last year was Beyonce, one of Paltrow’s closest friends, while the winner of the award for 2011 was Jennifer Lopez.

On May 3, Iron Man 3 will debut and Paltrow reprises her Pepper Potts role. She credits a workout regimen that is high-intensity for her looking much younger and feeling strong. The regimen was designed by Tracy Anderson another Paltrow friend and a trainer for many Hollywood stars.

Paltrow said it was difficult doing her workout regimen in the beginning, but now she says it is as easy as brushing her teeth.

At home and away from the red carpet, the actress insists she is as far away from glamorous as you can get. She loves to dress in jeans with a t-shirt and does not like to wear makeup. Her kids and mom are used to her looking that way, she said.

When talking about Chris Martin, her husband, Paltrow said, he jokes about it. If she gets really dressed up, he will say wow you really are Gwyneth Paltrow, since he is used to seeing her dressed  in baggy shorts sporting frizzy hair.

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