Perception Season 3 Premiere Episode 1 Paris Spoilers [WATCH VIDEO]

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Perception Season 3 Premiere Episode 1 Paris Spoilers [WATCH VIDEO]
Eric McCormack at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Knife Fight. Date 25 April 2012 Source Own work Author David Shankbone

Dr. Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) and the whole gang of FBI head back to TNT Drama for another season of complex cases. “Perception” Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on TNT. Read on to find out more about Movie News Guide’s (MNG) post on “Perception” including spoilers for the upcoming Season 3 Episode 1 “Paris.”

The crime drama series was created by created by Kenneth Biller and Mike Sussman of “Legend of the Seeker.” It was first aired in July 2012 and had already finished two seasons. The series was renewed for the third season in August 2013 with 15 episodes.

Dr. Daniel Pierce is a brilliant professor at the Chicago Lake Michigan University (CLMU), but he is also suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. With his knowledge in neuroscience, Daniel gets several perks in having a schizo disorder, especially in solving complex cases for the FBI. They are joined by other recurring characters such as Kate’s ex-husband Donnie Ryan (Scott Wolff), Agent Roger Probert (Jonathan Scarfe), Dr. Michael Hathaway (Jamie Bamber) and Joe Moretti (Dan Lauria).

SPOILER ALERT: “Perception” Season 3 Episode 1 “Paris” is directed by “Ken Biller and written by Michael Sussman.

According to TNT Drama, “Perception” Season 3 will pick up after Daniel left to fly out to Paris in Season 2 Finale Episode 14 “Obsession” (air date: March 14, 2014). It was after he had been wrongly accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend, Caroline (Kelly Rowan). Kate (Rachel Leigh Cook) and the FBI get a hold of the real stalker and solve the case. On the other hand, Kate also has a problem with the return of her cheating ex-husband, Donnie, in her life.

Based on the promotional photos posted, Spoiler TV noted that Dr. Daniel Pierce has been enjoying his new Parisian life. Unfortunately, it is short-lived. It’s all because of the FBI and their recent request for him to take an “international” case for the organization. What could it be about? Will he take it?

Back in Chicago, Max (Arjay Smith) and Dean Paul Haley, who are Pierce’s most trusted colleagues at the university, will try their best to get him back to Chicago. He previously left his teaching duties when the parents of the students became concerned of their children’s safety over his mental disorder. Will Max and Paul be successful? What is their plan in getting him back?

The “Perception” cast will be joined by new faces including “Cold Case” cast member Thom Barry and former Miss Golden Globes Francesca Eastwood. Barry will take on the role of of Special Agent William Parsons. He is tapped to lead the FBI in Chicago and become Kate’s boss.

Moreover, Eastwood will play as a model who worked as an art muse for an artist. She will be connected to her secret admirer who got involved in a heist inside an art museum. She is the 20-year-old daughter of actor/director Clint Eastwood with actress France Fisher.

And that’s it for the “Perception” spoilers about Season 3 Episode 1 “Paris.” It will air on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on TNT. Check out MNG regularly for the latest news about “Perception” including recaps and spoilers, as well as other entertainment news.

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