Perfect Sisters Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

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Perfect Sisters Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Perfect Sisters” premiered in U.S. theatres on April 11, 2014. The crime-drama film is directed by Stanley M. Brooks and written by Fab Filippo and Adam Till. The film featured an ensemble cast which includes Abigail Breslin (Sandra), Georgie Henley (Beth), Mira Sorvino (Linda), Spencer Breslin (Cousin Derek), Jeffrey Ballard (Justin) and Zoë Belkin (Ashley). Read on to find out more about the “Perfect Sisters” movie review and a brief synopsis of the film.

“Perfect Sisters” Movie Synopsis:

“Perfect Sisters” is based on the book “The Class Project: How to Kill a Mother” written by Bob Mitchell. The story follows two teen Canadian girls who have been jailed after killing their own mother.

Sandra and Beth are members of a broken family. They are joined by their alcoholic mother Linda and a younger brother named Bobby. Their family started to fall apart when their parents got divorced and it broke their mother’s heart. Now, Linda cannot take care of her three children nor herself. She succumbed to alcohol drinking and had a series of bad boyfriends.

Her current boyfriend is not an exception. Bowman is known for having a short temper. His violent outbursts resulted to physical abuse to Linda and Bobby and even, sexually abused Beth.

Unhappy with their family’s current status, Sandra and Beth took the matter in their own hands. They went for the permanent dispatch of the root of the problem (their mother) after being turned down from getting help outside their family.

Sandra and Beth decided to kill their mother. Their plots were known by a limited number in their social circle. Their friends helped them to plan the deed. Eventually, they have decided to drown their mother in a bathtub after drugging her with alcohol and pills.

A fake phone call to 911 was made after the gruesome deed. Linda’s death was ruled as an accident. Then, the sisters went to their wild partying ways. The dark family secret was temporarily hidden until it resurfaced again.

“Perfect Sisters” Movie Review:

Rotten Tomatoes reported that “Perfect Sisters” did not do well in its limited release at the box office. The film garnered a ‘bad’ rating of 33% based on 9 reviews and only 48 % users liked it.

According to Variety’s Dennis Harvey, the film failed to adapt the true-to-life story into film.

“A cartoonish and crudely staged dramatization of a disturbing true crime,” said Harvey in the Variety article.

Joshua Rothkopf of Time Out New York There seems to agree to Harvey and pointed out the film’s weakness.

“There must have been a better way to enter into this promising script than with cheesy kite-flying on the beach and slo-mo waves,” said Rothkopf in the Time Out New York article.

On the  other hand, both New York Times and L.A. Times had only good feedback about the actors’ performances on the film.

Sheri Linden of Los Angeles Times shared that Mira Sorvino had performed the alcoholic mother role well that it boosted Breslin and Henley’s portrayal as well.

“The film owes whatever persuasiveness it has to the teen leads’ sharp performances – their sisterly chemistry and their filial friction with an alcohol-addled mother, well played by Mira Sorvino,” said Linden in the Los Angeles Times report.

Meanwhile, Neil Genzlinger complimented teen actresses Abigail Breslin and Georgie Henley on their well-played roles.

“Ms. Breslin and especially Ms. Henley are quite good, elevating a film that seems like an oft-told tale.” said Genzlinger in the New York Times report.

And that’s it for the “Perfect Sisters” movie review. For more movie reviews, stay tuned here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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