Person of Interest Recap: Brotherhood

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Person of Interest Recap: Brotherhood
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"Person of Interest" Season 4 Episode 4 "Brotherhood" aired last Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, John Reese (Jim Caviezel), now known as Detective John Riley, teamed up with DEA Agent Erica Lennox (Rose Benton) in order to find and protect a brother and sister from the new criminal ring called Brotherhood, as they had stolen their drug money. Meanwhile, Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) interrogated one of the Brotherhood’s men in order to discover who the Brotherhood’s leader — Dominic —  while Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) enlisted the help of another criminal leader and old friend of their team’s. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, the Samaritan interface showed some gang-related activity happening in a building between the Armenians and the Brotherhood, where things went south quickly, and gunshots were heard.

John Reese, now known as Detective John Riley (Jim Caviezel), checked out the school of one of their latest numbers, eight-year-old Tracie Booker (Kaci Walfall), while his partner, Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi), looked for information about their other number, Tracie’s brother, Malcom Booker (Amir Mitchell-Townes), and got the information easily. However, John was only able to find out some information after he played some of Tracie’s friends for it using hopscotch. According to Harold Finch (Michael Emerson), their father was deceased, and their mother was in Riker’s for a gun violation, which meant that they were in the foster care system and did not live together. John then informed them that he was retracing the children’s route to school, as the only time they got to see each other was when Malcolm walked Tracie to school every morning. However, as John retraced their steps, he stumbled upon a crime scene — the shootout at a building that was shown earlier.

Inside, he encountered DEA Agents Erica Lennox (Rose Benton) and Agent Thomsen, who told him that that the Armenians and the Brotherhood were involved in a drug deal for half a million dollars worth of heroin gone bad. This had left several gang members dead and two wounded — one Armenian, and one from the Brotherhood. Lennox then revealed that the DEA had been trying to get eyes on the Brotherhood’s leader, Dominic, for months. However, neither the DEA nor the New York Police Department had been successful in that aspect. Another thing that bothered Lennox was that they had the heroin and the people involved, but there was no trace of the half a million dollars that was supposed to be paid for the drugs. At that moment, Finch informed John that he had found the Booker children in a Fifth Avenue store, buying fancy clothes with the stolen drug money. As Finch lost sight of them quickly, they asked for some held from Lennox and the DEA, as both the Armenians and the Brotherhood would be looking the children. John then suggested that Finch should pay a visit to an old friend of theirs, while Shaw could take care of the injured Brotherhood member so that they could get a lead as to where and who Dominic is.

Finch met Carl Elias (Enrico Colantoni), a criminal mastermind and powerful mob leader, and sometimes their ally, on a train. He wanted Elias to play mediator again with regards to the kids, making them twice deep into debt with Elias. Elias, who had much respect for Finch, agreed to help by controlling the Armenians. However, he could not help out with the Brotherhood, as he himself hadn’t been able to figure out who Dominic really was. He then asked Finch why it felt like things had changed and not “just in the way they operate,” as Finch was now a professor, and John suddenly became a detective. He had noticed that something had changed, and he told Finch that he owed him the truth. However, Finch just told him that “they were both in the dark” for now.

At the precinct, John’s partner, Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman) was furious at the amount of paperwork that they had to do as John had volunteered them for the homicide that he and Lennox had just been at. Fusco also warned him that Link (Jamie Hector), the Brotherhood lieutenant he had arrested a while back, had just been released. He then left Fusco to do all the paperwork, as Lennox informed him that the Brotherhood had people working for them everywhere and that there was a Brotherhood mole within the DEA, yet she trusted John. As Finch had informed John that the Booker children had bought a new cell phone with cash, they decided to start working on getting a trace on the phone on both sides — the government and Finch.

Meanwhile, Shaw intercepted the ambulance with the Brotherhood gang member, Mini (Winston Duke), whom she forced to call Link in order to find out their location.

Meanwhile, Finch was able to get a lock on the Booker children’s phone, which showed that they were heading towards a law office. However, they went in through the parking lot instead of the front entrance, where the Brotherhood caught up to them and started shooting at them. Luckily, Shaw arrived in time and slammed her vehicle into the Brotherhood’s vehicle, exposing the fact that she had one of their own. However, instead of going after their captured friend, as per Dominic’s rule, they decided to continue looking for their missing drug money.

At the parking lot, John and Lennox were able to catch up to the children and ushered them into an apartment that was once a crime scene for them to hide out for a while. On the way, Lennox called her partner, Thomsen, for back up. She then asked them if they had seen anything, but they refused to talk, especially after they learned that the money that they stole would have to be taken away from them to be admitted as evidence.

It turned out that they had stolen the money in order to get an Ivy League lawyer to help out their mother who was unjustly incarcerated as the unregistered gun that got her into jail was because it was found in their house after her loud and mean boyfriend made a scene in their house, which led to the neighbors calling the police. After much persuasion, Malcolm handed Lennox the bag, only to discover that there was only one wad of cash inside the bag stuffed with newspapers, taunting them that if “you wanna be the man, you gotta have a plan.”

While they waited for Lennox’s back up to arrive, Lennox gave her phone to Tracie so that she could play with it while waiting, and John talked to Malcolm and told him that he doesn’t seem much like a man. To be a man, Malcolm should be able to protect Tracie and not get her shot, like what was happening now. He then made John promise to take care of Tracie, which he did. Malcolm then wrote down where he hid the money, which John gave to Lennox, who decided to do a sweep of the building alone.

Meanwhile, Shaw forced Mini into a basement, where he was cuffed to a pipe. She then tried to make him tell her where Dominic was and who he is, but he refused. As no one was coming for him, she taunted him by saying that he wasn’t worth the trouble being rescued, but he replied that Dominic only had one rule — in the end, everyone dies. After a while, since now, Mini seemed to be furious at the fact that he was abandoned. Shaw left him to loosen the pipes so that he could get away. She had actually planted a tracker on him, which would allow them to track him down, as he might lead them towards Dominic. Finch praised her on her ability to place a tracker without anyone noticing, to which she revealed that she had actually planted trackers on Finch, Fusco and John. Not a single one of them had noticed it.

Meanwhile, at the apartment, John and the children noticed that Lennox was taking a long time to sweep the building. Fusco then called John, as he had a lead on one of the cellphones. When Fusco called the number he had found, Lennox’s phone rang, exposing her as the mole. John then realized that Lennox had probably gone to look for the money for herself. John managed to hold off the Brotherhood and fought with them until Fusco came, saving the day. However, a black Brotherhood van with reinforcements came. They were still after the children, as Lennox had also double crossed the Brotherhood. As John and Fusco prepared to fight off more of the Brotherhood, Tracie revealed that Malcolm had just left her in order to confront Link, where he proposed a trade — his life for his sister’s. He then revealed that he did not have the money, as Lennox know has it, but told them that he would work for them in order to leave his sister alone. However, he was let go as John, with a wad of cash in his hand and a bag slung across him, stopped them and offered to get in in exchange for Malcolm.

Meanwhile, Shaw followed Mini to a laundry shop, where she discovered that the Brotherhood had been hiding heroin at the bottom of dirty laundry baskets. Since she threatened to burn all the heroin, Link let John go for now. Before Shaw left, she told Mini to tell Dominic that they would meet soon.

At school, John informed Malcolm that he had gotten Tracie and Malcolm to be in the same foster home, and he had booked him a consultation with a Harvard trained lawyer.

On the train, Finch told Elias that the truth he had been asking about would put him in very grave danger — a different kind of danger from what Elias was used to. He agreed that the world had changed and that there was no going back. As a thank you for his help in their case, Finch gave him a book entitled “The Invisible Man” as advice, and inside was the location of the Brotherhood’s heroin stash house. The drugs most likely have been moved, but Elias would be able to study his enemy more and that Elias could inform them if he found out who Dominic was. Before he left, Elias mentioned that they were playing a tricky game, in which they were unsure of all the pieces. To this, Finch replied that in this case, “losing is not an option.”

Meanwhile, Link picked up Mini, who removed the tracker that Shaw had planted on him, saying that he had to lead her somewhere of value and that the two were dangerous, but he still did not know what game they were playing. At the back of the van, Lennox demanded to see their boss before Mini shot her, telling her that she just met him — Mini was Dominic. He then ordered Link to get Malcolm’s mother out of jail, as he was such a kid that they wanted working for them.

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