Person of Interest Recap: Q & A

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Person of Interest Recap: Q & A
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Person of Interest” Season 4 Episode 15 “Q & A” aired last Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, John Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman) help out a transcriber for an up and coming Internet company after she stumbled upon an anomaly that the higher ups refused to take a look at. Meanwhile, Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) went to help Claire Mahoney (Quinn Shepard) who had reached out to him for some help, resulting in the reemergence of an old teammate. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with John Reese (Jim Caviezel), still posing as Detective John Riley, currently moonlighting as a security guard at an Internet company named Fetch and Retrieve scanned Harold Finch (Michael Emerson). He was now masquerading as Professor Whistler, as he was about to have a tour with the founders of the company. As he was led away by the CEO of the company, Lauren Buchanan (Helene York) and the Chief Technical Officer of the company, Calvin Mazer (Nick Westrate), John went to check on their new number, a transcriber for an application called “VAL” named Anna Mueller (Bella Dayne). According to Lauren and Calvin, VAL stood for “Voice Activated Look Up”, which was becoming the best personal assistant and search application for smartphones. Before Finch left that area where VAL was, he managed to clone Anna’s cell phone. Afterwards, John noticed that Anna had a bruise on her arm. She had gotten a text from a man named Alek, reminding her that they were going to meet up at 9:00 p.m. that night.

Meanwhile, after the tour, Finch noticed a poster of a lost dog with tear out numbers at the bottom. Each number stub had the image of a nautilus shell. The poster was very similar to the poster used by Samaritan to recruit agents during that puzzle solving game before.

During lunch, John managed to take a picture of Anna’s “lunch buddy,” a low-level coder named Naresh Parsad (Omar Maskati). He told Anna to stop looking into the “user anomaly” that they had encountered. However, Anna still seemed disturbed by it.

Finch then informed John about the nautilus poster that he had found. He had discovered that the numbers pointed to a set of coordinates within the shadow map of New York. After discovering a hidden message within the image that set “You Were Right,” Finch decided to handle this one on his own as he believed that Claire Mahoney (Quinn Shepard) was reaching out to him.

Meanwhile, John tailed Anna to an illegal Mixed Martial Arts fight club. He discovered that Alek was Anna’s trainer and that she was good at fighting in the ring.

As soon as Finch arrived at the coordinates that the number had led him to, Claire came out of the shadows. She told him that he could probably help her break free from the group that had taken her in. At that moment, they were shot at by snipers, and Claire was hit on the shoulder by a bullet. He then took her to a mortuary as that was the only safe place he could find that had the medical supplies that he needed to patch her up. He looped the camera feeds to protect them. He also told John to use Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman) as backup just in case, as Anna was a champion Judo fighter in college, and because he needed to focus on Claire at the moment.

The next day, while Anna was at work, John checked out Anna’s house, which she shared with her sister, Jill. There he discovered that Jill was sleeping on a medical bed. She was hooked up to some medication, as it turned out that she was receiving chemotherapy.

At the mortuary, after Claire had woken up, she told Finch what had happened to her. It was after the nautilus game had ended. She told him that she had worked for them for a while, but then she started to find it strange that each mission that she went on led to the deaths of innocent people. After the group that she was working with killed a software designer named Charles Wynn, she poisoning him at a hospital after he met his newborn granddaughter, she decided to leave. This was why the group was currently after her.

At work, Anna became worried after learning that Naresh was gone. She promised her sister that she would come back home soon, as she had been avoiding her all week. Afterwards, she was called in by Lauren. She told her to stop digging into the user abnormality that had happened with the user named Paul Zimmerman. While she was with Lauren, John managed to get into Anna’s system. He discovered that Paul had asked disturbing questions such as what the suicide hotline was and asked about anti-depressants.

Back at the mortuary, Finch informed Claire that she had been working for an artificial intelligence named Samaritan. He was more than willing to kill anyone and everyone in order to remain in the shadows. It could hold on to its power for as long as possible. He also informed her that Charles Wynn had been a contract employee of Decima Technologies before Samaritan had gone online. Claire then informed him that she had stolen a thumb drive containing a portion of raw source code. They could probably use to cripple Samaritan, as it had been labeled “Samaritan.”

Meanwhile, John rescued Anna from several would-be kidnappers and brought him to the precinct. There, she told them that she had asked Naresh to give her Paul’s number because of the questions that he had asked. He because instead of sending him that suicide hotline, VAL had sent Paul articles which told him how to kill himself. She then tried to contact him but discovered that he had already killed himself. He was concerned because her sister had also asked the same questions to VAL instead of talking to her. John then decided to check on Naresh, and instructed Fusco to look after Anna. After a while, Finch called up Fusco and asked for the police report on Wynn’s death.

Afterwards, while checking on Claire’s wound, he asked her several direct questions which seemed off. She told him that Wynn had been poisoned with aconatine, but aconatine hadn’t been found in his blood stream. Because of this, he was reluctant to put the thumb drive into his laptop. He thought that this was a ploy to get him to reveal his networking history to Samaritan, which would jeopardize Fusco, Root, and John. He then told her to take the drive back and decided to leave her alone. Hecouldn’t take any more risks, especially as he didn’t want to lose any more team members. Claire then convinced him to stay after giving him the correct details of Wynn’s death and told him that he was wrong about her.

Meanwhile, Fusco accompanied Anna to her house as Jill’s medical bracelet had been activated. Fusco and Anna went back to the house. John discovered that Naresh had been promoted in order to keep quiet about Paul Zimmerman.

However, when Fusco and Anna got back to the house, they discovered that it was a trap to lure Anna back to the house. She got kidnapped while Fusco got knocked out.

When Fusco came to, Finch informed them that it seemed that VAL had been manipulating Paul’s emotions. He told them that he needed the service code of Fetch and Retrieve. John then decided to rescue Anna and told Fusco to get the service code. However, when John got to Anna, it seemed like she had things a little bit under control. She had managed to knock out her kidnappers. Afterwards, she admitted to John that she had avoided Jill after that incident. She had been going to MMA matches because it gave her a reason to stay out of the house and gave her a fight wherein she could fight back and win. She then told John that she was tired of everything, and wanted to fight back to those who had tried to kidnap her.

Back at the mortuary, before Finch could insert the thumb drive into his laptop, he received a call from Fusco asking for some help to access the service code of Fetch and Retrieve. However, before he could take a look at the code of Fetch and Retrive, Finch hid Claire and knocked a security guard unconscious. The security guard had just arrived and was making the rounds after discovering blood on the keyboard at his station. Afterwards, Finch informed them that there was definitely an anomaly in the coding. It targeted people to use products in the ads found in the application, such as Payday Loans and anti-depressants. This meant that the company was creating “vulnerable consumers,” and he knew who was responsible for it.

Back at Fetch and Retrieve, Fusco and Naresh confronted Lauren about everything. Before he could say anything else, they were cornered by Calvin and his men. Apparently, it was Calvin who had changed the algorithm and that the death of Zimmerman had been an unfortunate circumstance of a successful beta test that would allow VAL to control the emotions of people. Luckily, John and Anna arrived, and together, they managed to bring down Calvin and his men.

Back at the mortuary, Finch told Claire that they had to move, and that they had to stick to the shadow map that they had. Claire then told him that he was very resourceful, and mentioned his first name, Harold, which meant that she was still working for Samaritan. Gun in hand, she forced him to give her his laptop and phone. Hetold him that she was going to bring him to see Samaritan. She then brought him to a charter school, which was one of the many projects that Samaritan had created to help save the world. She had brought him there as she believed that he would change his mind and join up with them. However, as he refused to join Samaritan, who had been willing to almost kill Claire. He was escorted out by a team of Samaritan agents. They later on were shot down by Root (Amy Acker), who had also managed to disable the security cameras of the school. She then shot Claire in order to shoot Harold’s cellphone, which she took.

Afterwards, John brought Anna home. Anna then told him that she was going to start paying attention to Jill from now on.

Back at the old subway station, John was surprised that Root was there, packing up some guns, and took something with her. He was also surprised to hear that Claire had Finch’s laptop. Finch then told him that he would have been successfully captured by Samaritan if Root hadn’t intervened. He then told John that he had planted a tracker onto the laptop Claire had stolen from him, but before they could pinpoint Samaritan’s location, the signal had been lost, as Samaritan’s team had found the tracker and had succeeded in disabling it.

At the Samaritan headquarters, Claire told John Greer (John Nolan) that she blamed herself for failing to turn Finch into an asset. Afterwards, Greer met up with Lauren at the Fetch and Retrieve offices, as he was planning to take over the company that knew how to manipulate people’s emotions.

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