Person of Interest Recap: Wingman

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Person of Interest Recap: Wingman
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“Person of Interest” Season 4 Episode 3 “Wingman” aired on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the Machine proved that it still did look after its own as it provided them with much-needed supplies, albeit in a roundabout manner. Meanwhile, John Reese, otherwise known as Detective John Riley (Jim Caviezel), was under the scrutiny of the new New York Police Department Captain, Captain Felicia Moreno (Monique Curnan), and was made to actually do his day job. Meanwhile, his partner, Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman), went undercover as they had gotten a new number. However, surprisingly, they discovered that their current number and a case that John was solving were inexplicably intertwined. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with John and Fusco chasing after a small time thief, as he was in the area where they were following up on some leads. Instead of running after the thief and pinning him down, John simply decided to shoot him, as he was used to doing that. However, his new partner, Fusco, admonished him and reminded him that he was not supposed to act like a “lone wolf” anymore, as they were police officers who had to abide by certain rules and regulations. Back at the precinct, their new Captain, Captain Felicia Moreno, reiterated the same thing to John and told them to step up their game as the crime rate, specifically the homicide rate was getting higher.

At their new headquarters, John and Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) were informed about their new member — Andre Cooper. He was a former longshoresman who worked at the docks and was now a professional wingman. John told them that he should pass this one over as he did not have good people skills and because his new captain was watching him like a hawk. However, Shaw and Finch put his mind to rest as they had decided to put Fusco undercover.

While Fusco kept Andre occupied, Shaw successfully hacked into Andre’s computer and email. Among other things, she found out that he was recently issued subpoena with regards to a shipment of guns that had gone missing at his old work place at the docks and that the shipment had gone missing the same time that Andre resigned from the docks and became a professional wingman.

After first meeting him, Andre decided that they had to go shopping so that Fusco could learn how to dress how to impress. Fusco also told Andre that he worked in insurance and lied about being a cop. Afterwards, the two attended an event where he could try out his newfound skills, thanks to Andre’s coaching, to be able to talk to a girl. However, it ended up in a disaster, especially right after he accidentally spilled a drink one woman’s dress. Things became a little bit more serious when an old friend of his, Mickey, who used to work at the docks with him, came by and told him that they should meet up sometime. However, because a jealous boyfriend threatened to punch Andre in the face as Andre was looking at his girlfriend, Fusco had to break up the potential fight, and revealed that he was a detective. Unshaken and since Finch had paid in advance for Fusco’s sessions, they decided to continue their day and attended an Art Gallery Charity Event.

Shaw then discovered that Andre might not be a victim, but a perpetrator, as there was an open homicide case on a man named Milo Jacobs, who worked security at the docks until he had disappeared, along with the shipment, thus making Andre a suspect in his murder.

However, unknown to them, John, who had succeeded in closing two cases with the help of his captain, was given a priority homicide case to solve — the murder and disappearance of Milo Jacobs.

Meanwhile, Root (Amy Acker) paid Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) a visit at their new headquarters in order to inform him that the Machine needed a favor from him, a favor that would pay off for all of them. Despite his better judgement, he went with Root, to whom the Machine was giving information of what they had to do in bits and pieces.

They first visited a shady looking business dealer at the back of a car junkyard in order to buy a rocket launcher from them. Each time they met up with someone, they all called Finch “Mr. Egret” and told him that he was a military legend. In order to sell his cover, Finch then replied to each of them in a tough and antagonistic manner, very much unlike his normal self. They then met up with a man named Jerry, who brought them to a potential buyer for their rocket launcher — the Latvian mob. As he knew that he could not live with the fact that he had given the Latvian mob a rocket launcher or a missile, he decided terminate the deal. However, it turned out that the Machine had already calculated that Harold would do such a thing and instructed Root to take the mobsters out by shooting them in the knees. After they were arrested, Root led Finch into a backroom, where there were enough ammunition and guns to keep both Shaw and John happy. Root also showed Finch two bags of money that the mob had acquired, which the Machine was giving to Finch in order for them to have enough funds to continue operating.  Harold then realized that the Machine had sent them on this wild goose chase as it was trying to aid them without Samaritan noticing what it was doing, proving that it does care for its own.

At the Gallery, Fusco managed to talk to a woman who had been making eye contact with him. However, after spotting a suspicious-looking man with a longshoreman tattoo on his hand, they decided to get out of the place, only to be kidnapped by Mickey and his men.

It turned out that Andre had been subpoenaed as he was being asked to testify against Mickey, who was the one who had made the gun shipment disappear, as he had sold it to a known gang in that area. Mickey was also the one who had killed Milo Jacobs, the victim in John’s priority homicide case. The pair were then bound and gagged and left to die in an airtight container at a warehouse.

Luckily for them, Shaw and Bear were on their trail, as they set off to find the missing detective. However, Shaw was surprised to see John in that area and was even more surprised to learn that his priority homicide case had led them there. Thanks to Bear’s tracking skills, they were able to find Fusco and Andre, and released them before they suffocated to death. John and Shaw then were able to subdue and arrest Mickey and his cohorts, making that a total of three cases solved for the day for John and Fusco. As they escorted Mickey and his men inside the precinct, they noticed several thugs waiting for their turn to be processed. The captain then informed them that those were Latvian mobsters, who were found with their kneecaps shot — the very same men whom Root had shot earlier.

Delighted at the pair’s success, the captain then decided to treat the duo out to some drinks, but Fusco declined, saying that he had to go somewhere else.

At a bar, Fusco met up with the girl that he had met at the Art Gallery. Before going on his date, he went over to say hello to his wingman, Andre, who informed him that he had decided to testify against Mickey and his friends for what they had done because it was time for him to stop running away from his past.

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